the good people of cap cd,a retail chain of audiophile cd shops in thailand, have ordered 100 pieces of 2v1g cds for the first order and here's their advertisement in local hifi mag (we presume)...

such music lovers the thai people are! thanks, steve surachade, for your passion in music and belief in our music.

we are targeting indonesia next!


Anonymous said...

Can buy in Adelphi, Singapore yet?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


the stocks will be going to s'pore. contact our distributor, norman, at

sammy said...

the thais have always been a music loving nation.

do not forget that they have a good example in their reverred leader,King Bhumipol;who is a superb Jazz saxaphonist[he has produced a few rewcord himself!!!!]

And the king has been reputed to have 1 one the 5 top of the line Kharma speakers sold in Thailand.

Now ain't that cool

Anonymous said...

The song playing in this blog sounds very pleasing and nice

Hope the next album of 2V1G can include some cover of the HK singers

Ooi said...


I think the album will do well in Thailand.

I always enjoy shopping for Hi-Fi and Music in Siam Paragon ,Bangkok.

Good Luck

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi sammy and ooi,

the same goes for philipines and indonesians, even their musicians are of higher standards than malaysians.

hi anonymous,
thanks for introducing your music blog. hope to read more entries from you ;-)