i am not sure if my news is early or late, cmy audio visual is now the national distributor for usher loudspeakers. originated from taiwan, usher speakers have made quite name in the international hifi scene for the past 2-3 years. i hope to get a pair to review soon.

onto more exciting news. my earnest intention to seek a suitor for av xpress has finally been met. a local music label is keen to collaborate with me to "bring av xpress to another level" by beefing up the music contents, much like the "playback" magazine, the online music-cum-hifi journal owned by TAS. yes, we want to target younger readers yet not forgetting the hardcore audiophiles.

av xpress is my baby but i have to admit that i didn't start with much ambitions. i am so excited that i have now got a capable partner who is willing to max out the potential that it deserves.

with this collaboration, it also means that i have got viable funds and channel to do more audiophile albums in the near future, isn't that great?

in business, once you can't handle it alone it is best to seek partnership or collaboration. i have been waiting for this day to happen.

you shall hear more about this collaboration in this space here.

i am excited, are you, malaysian audiophiles?


hafiz said...

I knew from the first time I chanced onto your blog ,that you will be immensely successful.

you seems to find a gem of reviewer in hifi kaki,and i hope your new partner will be just as nice [and good ]

my sincere wishes for a bright future to you and audiophiles in malaysia.

hifikaki said...

CONGRATULATIONS, I get your excitement too! Your baby will go places!

Thanks for your endorsement! :-)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

i am thoroughly flattered by your compliment... i can only work harder in order not to disappoint you ;-)

yes, hifi kaki is a gem! he is a gift from heaven ;-)