i know, i know, most of you here don't like the music that i like but anyway....

muisctoxin (our music label that houses 2v1g) in collaboration with dongtaidu (a chinese indie concert organizer) is bringing in the fabulous indie act from hong kong, my little airport!

as stated last year, i have strong ambitions to become an indie concert organizer and this is my first project.

the date is 30th august 2008 (eve of merdeka), the ticket price is a very affordable Rm55 and the venue is a classy auditorium in PJ. it is a good venue cos you can avoid the jam in kl! this is gonna be the first time that my little airport perform in malaysia.

my little airport's music is called cutie-pop in hong kong; it is basically a refreshing blend of indie pop with cantopop, with thought-provoking lyrics and sweet melodies.

you can find out all about my little airport by just googling - they are all over the place.

it is gonna be one cool concert, i promise. we accept booking of tickets here.

check out this cute video - it is about a "naughty" date in a love hotel in hong kong ;-)


Anonymous said...

I think is absolutely ok to intro any music u like. If without pop music, the music arena will be very boring. Even audiophile recording got material from pop.

Anonymous said...

is malaysian listeners ready for such musics ?

km ng said...

My Little Airport is the Hello Kitty version of The Kills.

Both groups are duo with a female vocal and male guitarist.

My Little Airport purrs sweet nothings to your ears but The Kills rocks your balls off.

Maggielurva may prefer kitties but me definately a more mature wild cat!

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi km,

hahaha, i like your description! i have eclectic tastes in indie music. anyway, this is just one of their very experimental songs, it is not representation of their collective work.

hi anonymous,
yes, there is a steady following of indie music in malaysia. by virtue of it being indie, it is totally free from commercialism and that's the reason why i like indie acts.

Anonymous said...

From that sample, I do not think they are that indie. Regarding the readiness of msian? I thought I have listened more indie things >10 years ago when I was teenager.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,

indie can also mean "non-major label". with the closure/merger of major labels, many musicians have started their own labels to cut out the middle man.

even 2v1g is an indie label but its music is pop.