as pure as a purist can get - i have re-wired my entire ELCB/MCB with black rhodium jazz power cord cables!

black rhodium, a cable company from UK, has all along impressed me with it superb highs and textured mids due to its proprietary cryogenic treatment and silver coating. but it is not cheap at all. at RM400 a meter, i spend close to Rm1K for the entire re-wiring.

and the results? my, it is all worth it. the overall sound attains extra weight, openness and clarity; it is like a new car being given a superb polish. i also experience a deeper and more powerful reproduction of lower frequencies. since it is a high-current cable, i am also tempted to buy another 2m to replace my harmonic tech PRO-AC11 for the connection to my shunyata hydra.

are you a purist like me? then you can do no wrong by calling audio art (012- 5201066).

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hifikaki said...

I visited maggielurva’s place again this morning. He has upped his system’s performance one more notch. The sound acquired an additional measure of natural body, the bass region became more articulate and supple, the entire sonic picture just came off much more assured and confident. All the things that I love about his system were still there - the air, the imaging, the resolution etc..
This is a little ‘tweak’ and pays real dividend, but do get a qualified electrician to do it.