it is not everyday that one gets to audition a RM20K cable and in the case of siltech's SATT forbes lake, i could only sum it in one word - superlative!

note: in future, i would reveal my own impressions in the blog and let my two anchorman - hifi kaki and master ken - to write on a full-review in av xpress. so, my impressions are merely a third-person's viewpoints and they serve to tease or whet the appetite of the readers so that they would want to read the full review in av xpress.

the addition of gold to cables has always been a tricky balance. too much and you would dull the music; too little you would not have the heft or density. in the case of siltech, the music is full-bodied, shockingly natural and extremely organic. instruments now acquire "meat" and density, which make them feel like the real thing. it has three-dimensionality which gives them the body (a certain roundness), presence and palpability. trust me, you would NEVER get these attributes in cheap cables as most cables (including mine) can only give a flat and "cardboardy" image of the instrument.non-cable-believers would definitely find it hard to digest what i am trying to convey here!

granted the siltech's silver-gold does not have the pellucid highs and sparkling brilliance of the pure silver like my stage III concepts but what it does have is the ability to make the whole presentation sound real, natural and close to live music. and gentlemen, this is what separate men from boys, or men from wannabes.

to sum it up - the siltech forbes lake is musically addictive. i would like to see how it compares with stage III concepts ASP gryphon, which is coming my way.

the prospect is simply salivating, wouldn't you say?


km ng said...

Hi Maggielurva,

Hope you don't mind me saying, never say NEVER in a review.

Why put yourself in a corner?

There's always an American Next Top Cable every season.

Maybe cheaper than the last by a nickle per mm.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi km
you seem to be marking on my every word!

ok, i have edited "less expensive" to "cheap", hope i can get my point across ;-)

km ng said...

Dear Maggielurva,

Please don't look at it that way.

Just interested in your reviews and having a healthy discourse on our passionate hobby.

Ricky-expat said...

Hey Maggielurva,
I kind of enjoy KM's comments.I think we have one knowladgeable reader here,that you need to rope in as part of your team...

audioengineer said...


I have 1 major problem with this is shielded.the best of the bests always come unshielded[Argento,Bocchine etc..]Shielding it is always a comprise....

Cyril said...

If you only have ! of this.where would you put Maggielurva?

joe said...

Even Bybee doesn belive in shielding their cables. and he is one of the best in the industry

Kam said...

i think The KS Emotion will humble this siltech

hifikaki said...

I have submitted my review of the Forbes Lake to maggielurva and as you can gather here, the Siltech cables are back in his hands.

I am sorely missing them already! The Forbes Lakes let me enjoy music on my system like never before. The people who can purchase this kind of performance have my great envy!

guan said...


I like the new layout of your site. Clean, crisp and vibrant :)
This siltech sounds like a superlative cable. Maybe we'll have a possible rival to test here in HK, if KK gets his head round the boggling variety and cost of cables available nowadays!

Ralph said...


Honestly,you think ! interconnect made such a significant difference in your long chain of equipments?

GadgetBuzzer said...

Hey Guan

R u setting me up for the GG....?!

My friend.... it is tempting... I might just take the plunge if you write the review here and in AVXpress!

hifikaki said...

Hi Ralph,

Good question, I was also skeptical initially, but my serious listening sessions with them told me otherwise.
I strive to describe as faithfully as possible my subjective listening experience in the review article. Hope you'd get to read it.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi guan,

thanks for the compliments. the designer of this template is a spanish and i think he has cool tastes.

seriously, the kind of 3-D body, roundness of the images, can only be obtained with the most esoteric of cables. and i guess that means cables above RM10K. people who are not able to discern this sort of superlative performance would not appreciate what a top-notch cable can bring to the overall sound.

fortunately, the trio here - myself, hifi kaki and master ken - are all staunch believers in cables.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi cyril,

the most important link - cd to preamp!

km ng said...

Hi Hifikaki,

Hope you'll include specific tracks of the CDs listened in your Siltech review so that readers can have a better understanding of the improvements or changes.

Also, any downside of the cable, as I believe no audio equipment is flawless.

hifikaki said...

KM Ng,

Yes, I have named a couple CDs I used in order to illustrate the Forbes Lake's sound quality.

Their downside? They are out of my price league :-)

Hope you'd read the review.

km ng said...

Hi Hifikaki,

From your replies elsewhere, I noted your musical tastes are varied, from Sonny Rollins, Ella Fitzgerald, Sheffield's drum track to modern contemporary singers and groups (those with real talent, of course).

This is good as having a broad variety of music shows depth, character and good taste in musical appreciation.

I hope you'll use some classical, big band jazz, avantgarde jazz (from ECM label, for example), rock and alternative music in your reviews. Live music included.

A component should be given a good rundown of different music played at different levels before giving it a 2 thumbs up (with reservations, of course).

Just like those guys testing cars at Top Gear or at Fifth Gear.