Lucky me! Maggielurva delivered to my place the most expensive pair of interconnects that I have ever had my hands on, at RM20k a pair. They are to be my first review assignment for AVXpress.

The interconnects are Siltech’s Forbes Lake. They are from Siltech’s Signature Series G6 with S.A.T.T. (Siltech Advanced Thermal Treatment), the top most cable range in Siltech’s stable.

I have not started the listening sessions with the Siltechs yet, that pleasure can be left to the coming weekend. However, the first impression of these cables has been very good. Reading about them revealed that they are made from solid silver strands with gold injection (no wonder they cost so much!). The construction is impeccable, they look and feel solid, a testament to the engineering and care that have gone into their manufacture.

I’ll update my progress with the Siltech in the coming days here, stay tuned.


km ng said...

At RM20k a pair, no matter what they are made of, I think the price is overboard.

Let's say the Siltech speaker cable costs RM50k and another RM5k for interconnect between CD and preamp.

Total cable cost therefore RM75k.

Assuming 30% of system cost allocated to cable. The total system cost therefore RM250k.

No wonder high end audio is shooting itself in its golden foot.

Anyway, I look forward to your review.

P.S. BTW, what's a reasonably fair allocation in percentage term for cable cost in a system?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi km,

we don't mean to be high-end or high-handed in our attitude. i always tell my reviewers to be humble but our aspirations cannot be humble. true, even we ourselves cannot afford a RM20K interconnect but it doesn't mean we cannot dream or aspire.

equally, readers here would not be interested to read a review on RM500 interconnect.

so our goal is really to make people salivate, dream and aspire for better things in life.

james said...

These are the kind of cables KS Emotion has humbled.....

harry said...

To me the true test of a good cables are the cables that do not impose any sonic signiture.

I think that audiophiles underinvest on cables and tweks and load most money on electronics

cb liu said...

I agree absolutely with you Maggielurva,

It is just the same with Proton Owners,we like to read about Mercedes and Bentley..

Congratulations for bringing such object for us to admire!!

William -expat said...

ou could relatively skim on other cables ,but never on your interconect.

even if it cost as much as your whole system,but if it could get your system be in different galaxy,I would pay for it.

GCK said...

The best route to go is get a used IC as I did on Stage 3 Vac ref.
US market has plenty of good quality used IC.
I agree with Leslie's point of view.

km ng said...

Dear Maggielurva,

Human beings want certainty in life. One way of getting certainty is to pay a price for it as it is implanted in our genes that a higher price means better quality, more satisfaction, higher status and so on.

I wonder whether the review of the Siltech i/c would be any different if you pass it to the reviewer without telling him the price, block off the brand name and without the fancy box and reading material. In other words, the reviewer just plug into the system, listens alone and takes notes.

Please note I'm not doubting hifikaki forthcoming review. No, none at all and I think he's a marvellous contributor to your blog.

It's just sometimes my unconventional alternative thoughts.

P.S. I would think your readers would be very interested in reading your scoop of a relatively cheap "no-big-name-yet" cable that far outperforms its price and equal or beat its more expensive brethrens. I certainly would.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi km,

hooray to unconventional alternative thinking - that's what i have doing all along in my biz! i always welcome counter-points/thoughts provided it is done in good taste.

certainly, i would be the first one to report here if i find a RM500 giant-killer interconnect.

again, i want to emphasize that we are high-end in our aspirations but not in our attitude.

hifikaki said...

Hi KM Ng,

My job in reviewing, I believe, is to report an item's performance as faithfully as I can, without being coloured by its price. I'll do my utmost to achieve this objective.