can you sell a product just by word of mouth and existing fame, without the actual stock on display in the showroom?

yes, of course. that's exactly what absolute hi-fi (03-78048788) is doing with its latest wadia 581se - place your order if you want it.

said to trounce everything in sight (the same meridian G08 they are selling does not hold a candle next to the wadia 581!), the wadia 581se is some sort of a classic wadia reborn, except with better technology and features. remember a time in the 90s where wadia ruled the digital arena? there are still tons of audiophiles in malaysia that use yesteryear's wadia as a transport machines. looks like they are back with a vengeance.

if i have RM30K loose change, i would either consider the wadia 581se or the audionet art g2, the latter hifi kaki is bringing back for review from ipoh this weekend.

lucky chap, he.


Anonymous said...

Hi bro,

If you have the chance do a shoot out with my favourite Spectral CDR 4000.

erin said...

This is the best single box CD player I have the pleasure of using.It humbled the dcs P8i.How Wadia does it ,I do not know.The Spectral is a Seperare sacd/DAC.even then if properly set up ,it will stand shoulder to shoulder.,This is one of the few companies that know how to make Digital front;and if you compare this to your cd player you will see how well it is made.

Malaysian audiophiles ,you all should rejoice!!!

JR said...

is is one increadible machine!!!!Wadia has finally sorted out the one problem they had;digital volume control.

This is one player that make you lought at those folks that play vinyls.

Only the EMM labs seperates sounds better

kiki said...

Wadia matches tube amp superbly.The built in preamp is almost as good as as any seperates[except ARC ref];now if you feed this to the ARC REF preamp,for those of you who hasn't feel it in a while ,this is the combo to go for.Nothing else comes close.....

kang said...


Could you provide me the contact no of the dealer.

I am interested in this..

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi kang,

call steven or david at absolute hifi (taman megah) 03-78048788.

let us know whether you end up buying it ;-)

Poisel said...

Meridian and Wadia under the same roof?

Wow the dealers are sure very lucky....It is like having Angelina Jolie [Wadia] and the young Elizaberth Taylor[Meridian]to go home to..

aboon said...

Wah,Maggie,you are spoiling Hi fi kaki lah!!!

Next time give him a 2nd hand item to review.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi aboon,

totally agreed with you. i may ask hifi kaki to do a review on 20- year-old 2nd-hand kinergetic research cdp and asked him to chart the progress of digital technology in the last 20 years.

enough punishment for a change? ;-)

Anonymous said...

How does the Wadia stack against the Esoteric players eg. X-01, X-03?

16-bit 44.1kHz has its limit and to come close to Vinyl, the digital player has to add some spice, so tube amplification will help do

erin said...


As A wadia user I can tell you that WAdias love HIGH QUALITY tube pre amp.

I know you can drive the power amp directly ,but Preamp like ARC ref just add increadible dimension ,and remove the digital glare that is slightly present otherwise.

The power amp choice will depend on your speakers.Even high power behemoths are ok as long as you use a tube preamp