the review panel comprising of hifi kaki (left), master ken (middle, the fattest) and maggielurva (right, the most handsome)

for the next issue of av xpress (to coincide with KLIAV 2008), i am going to do hardware reviews in a very different and entertaining way. the review team will comprise of myself, hifi kaki and master ken. each of us will give our opinions - as usual, keeping to our short and sweet style (and no BS)- despite our individual biases, inclinations, aspirations, tastes, philosophies and beliefs in hifi. i remember perfect pitch (the sun's pull-out in the late 90s) used to do it this way, with jeffrey tan (the no-BS editor) making sidebar remarks for every review that his staff did.

and we are gonna have a 3-way dialogue a la stereo sound of japan. it is gonna be fun! maybe i can post the dialogue online here!

it is gonna be fair too since each of us is vastly different in the kind of things we look for in hifi. and for your readers, you can rest assured that you get to read a balanced review.

so far, items lined-up for the next issue: (there may be more coming)
[1] audio magic stealth mini reference power line conditioner (audio creations)
[2] siltech S.A.T.T. forbes lake interconnect (CMY audio and visual)
[3] esoteric sa60 universal player (dong fong audio)
[4] crytal cones (audio art)

we hope you like this new direction!


chee said...


Anonymous said...

That's the way!

Jules said...

I do not know about stereotimes Japan,but part of the reason why I trust UHF magazine is precisely because of that.

It is interesting because your 3 systems are quite diverse and so are your musical taste.

Master Ken,the bass king ,who love his drums....Hifikaki with class A SS amplifications and love instumental,and of course the main man,Maggielurva;with his tube amps,superb cablings,and MAggies ,of course spinning all kind of music fr ABBA to Canto pop...

It would be very interesting indeed!!!!!

km ng said...

Great idea!

I read from Jules's comments that the 3 reviewers' biases and musical tastes are quite diverse.

It is good to have a kick ass rocker, an instrumentalist (jazz and and hopefully classical) lover and a vocal and micro detail specialist on the review team.

Rich diversity = more viewpoints = more depth = more authority.

GlySinn said...


shahi said...

I am positive with this development.

These 3 seems to be matured enought ,and knbowladgeable enought

rickyloh said...

Is what Jules said really true?

rocky said...

Who is the Classical king?

Guan said...

Great going! Look forward to reading about this musical tribunal casting an amiable but highly discerning eye and ear over all they review.

hifikaki said...

I do listen to quite a bit of classical music, and have started exploring jazz more since about a year ago, starting with the old classic jazz recordings (1950s-60s).

Dr r said...

Same musical taste as mine,Hifikaki.

hifikaki said...

dr r,
glad to know :-)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

chee, anonymous, glysinn, shahi, guan,
thanks for the vote of confidence!

hi jules and ricky,

you bet!


i am a self-confessed tonal specialist too ;-)