now, this is going to send hifi kaki to seventh heaven!

delicate, classy, silky-smooth, the esoteric sa60 universal player makes my meridian g08 sound like a rough machine. it is not recommended for prolonged listening because you may risk taking out your fixed deposit and invest on this gorgeous player.

over to you, my lucky reviewer ;-)


hifikaki said...

Hi Maggielurva, many thanks.
Another hard hitter is coming my way.
My ears are absolutely having a very very good year. :-)

km ng said...

I think it is more like Champion League material. Like the semi final clash among the best in digital - Wadia, Esoteric, EMM and 47 Labs.

Sorry if I left out any. I'm still an analog dinosaur.

aboon said...

WAh!!I think I better be a reviewer too.Such good stuff Maggielurva giving111

sid said...

Maggielurva/Hi fi kaki?

What are your requirement for a good digital player?

Gerhard said...

In my experience,a universal player is always inferior to a dedicated Cd player.Unless you have a large selections of SACD which of course give a definite advantage over any cds.JMHO

kiki said...

If you haven't discovered the joy of SACD ,this is one of the machines to do it.

You would then understand what the fuss is all about

lamb said...

I think the g08 is not a fair comparison ,though i am surprised You find it that far behind .The 808 to my ears always humbled any other single box digital playback

james R said...

I prefer thew dvd audio to sacd,but unfortunately itlooks like it will be gone forever.

I am a firm believer of the superiority of SACD over Cd and has invested considerably on both DVDa and SACD,and have no regret.

As a rule of thumb though,it is better to use a dedicated CD player for CD playback

chase said...

Spectral Vs dcs,EMM lab vs Esoteric,
how about that for Champions league semi for digital

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

i need a humorous guy to poke fun at audiophiles, care to join?

my requirements - resolution, musicality and tonality, not in any order.

actually, meridian is top when it comes to the "presence" factor.

gerhard, james
agreed. i prefer dedicated cdp for cd playing.

i would love to audition the dcs scarlatti. hope the dealer is reading this.

hifikaki said...

Hi Sid,
My requirements are musicality and naturalness.

Anonymous said...

The model SA-60 is being obsoleted. Either go down 1 step to SA-10 or go up 1 step to the X-05. The higher end Esoteric models are very nice.

BTW, will the Marantz SA-11S2 be reviewed anytime soon in this blog? I only read good things on this machine.