when a country is progressing at such a phenomenal speed, there are bound to be many greedy and unethical businessmen whose sole intention is to make some quick bucks. it is happening in hifi business too; in china, no less. i think china has the most "overnight-millionaires" in the world.

foreign hifi manufacturers who intend to set up factories or plants in china must first enlist the help of a "runner" or an "agent", someone (a foreigner also) who has been stationed long enough in china to know the contacts and geography of all those local plants. because logistics are such nightmare in china (some factories don't even have proper roads), coupled with the fact that factories relocate frequently, first-time manufacturers who want to make inroads into china are always daunted by the complexity of the whole exercise. these agents have full knowledge of the modus operandi of setting up a business in china and they make good money by providing consultancy and introducing the manufacturers to the right chinese contacs.

chinese businessmen are known to be unscrupulous. they can promise you one thing and break the promise the next day - it all boils down to money and who has more money to offer to them. many chinese manufacturers can manufacture/copy/duplicate any product you want, make some false claims about the product, give them a new badge and market them as a entirely new product. a case in point - if the product is cryogenically treated at -196 degree, they are willing to claim it as "-300 degree" just to fool the gullible audiophiles into believing that it is better. or, they can repackage some really cheap product by giving it better aesthetics (e.g better chassis) and sell it as a more upmarket product.

in short, in the name of making more money, they can leave their scruples at home. it does not help that hifi is such a subjective hobby that leaves a lot of room for exploitation and that many audiophiles are not discerning enough to differentiate a genuine product from a bogus one. or in certain cases, the audiophile may be aware but he has limited budget for US or european or japanese stuff. well, it is really a economics 101's demand-and-supply issue.

it is true that china-made products have improved by leaps and bounds and are getting competitive vis-a-vis the rest of the world. but the chinese businessmen's poor ethics, lack of conscience and professionalism leave much to be desired. in these regards, they are still lagging behind their western counterparts.


audioexplorer said...

Well said

manna said...


I think both sides has to be blamed.

I could never let myself buy a hi-fi that is not made under the nose of the designer.

That Is why I respect companies like Rega ,who insist of making everything in house...

cheng said...

I fully agree with the above assertements

I had very bad experience with my Chinese made Mid hifi.

For those who couldn't really afford ,my advise is to go for the used products instead.You still get better value for your money.

For the very reasons,you will find that true Engineering based Hi-fi man like Meridian,Naim,Rega,ARC do not believe in manufacturing outside even though the tempttations to make more is certainly great..And we should continue to support this sort of companies IMO

james said...

Even Chinese Buyers are not buying the Chinese products.There isa very interesting Interview with Roy Gregory about Rega Explosive growth in China And Why Rega doesn't go there

kiko said...

ARC,MEridian,Mcintosh,Naim.....you know when you by them ,you are also buying into their proud heritage,and the chance of costly mistake is less..

@nd hand from the dealers are the way to go if you can't afford the items you desire.That is why it is Ok to pay slight premieum if you buy fr reputable dealers,rather than buying products that has been copied and has no heritage

shaq said...

as consumers the choice is in our hands.

choose brands with commitment to r&d and passions,we will be swave.be prepared to get what you pay

bk soon said...

as a businessman,my experience in China has been a bad one.

It is actually not that cheap to manufacture if you consider the amount of bribes you have to pay.

I have moved my manufacturing plant to Vietnam,which is way way better.

As far as audiophiles products are concerned ,they tend to go for rhe most Expensive ,latest overhyped products around.If you do not have the latest model,don't even talk to them,lest they will jeer you.