monster amp on transit

thanks to nelson chia of centre circle, we get to review the super-heavy, hernia-inducing pass labs x350.5 stereo power amp.

it took 3 of us - hifi kaki, master ken and myself - to lug this behemoth from centre circle onto ken's car. i am just of average build, but ken and hifi kaki are big fellas! i think the x350.5 bugger weighs at least 50kgs.

i told ken that the x350.5 is gonna whack his aging jeff rowland 8 in terms of resolution & bass. ken argued that the improvements are not going to be drastic, which i beg to differ.

i hope ken is going to give you his initial listening impressions.


mklee said...

Jeff Rowland 8 is one true classics.If the Pass could better it I will make a queue to centrecircle to get one

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to find out Pass vs Rowland!

objective reviewer said...

The outcome is not definite because of the compatibility factor.

The Passlab could be not incompatible with ken's gear, hence may produce undesirable results, and that doesn't not mean it is no good. On positive side, the passlab may be in super compatible with ken's gear and blow the jeff 8:)

aboon said...

aiyo, 50 kg cannot carry?Aken must exercise more

ken said...

Hi all,

Actually the Pass X350.5 weighs 150lbs. I certainly can't handle it on my own. I don't think Aboon can handle it by himself.
My wife (such a sport) helped me lug the amp into place.

I would not want to divulge too much here but the Pass is good. But it still need some run-in before I will give my final conclusion on the amp.

hifikaki said...

Propably you'll get bitten by the Pass Labs bug and join the club :-)