well, this is an experimental worth doing.

i have just installed a 3-phase switch that allows me to switch phase whenever the current phase dedicated to my hifi is not ideal. of course, that's based on the assumption that each phase has different AC loading and stability.

at least now i have an option when the AC is bad, but the AC for the past weeks has been stable and good.

i shall report on the usability of the salzer switch in due course.


GadgetBuzzer said...

What would be nice is a device that senses the 'purity' of the power supply of each phase and switch to the best one automatically and without affecting the devices that's already on!

BTW does it mean that eveytime you switch phases, you have to switch off all devices first? If yes, sounds like a pain.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi gadget,

yes, one has to switch off all the gear. it is not that bad actually compare to suffering from bad AC!

but this bugger needs burning in!