those who say that shunyata hydra and RGPC require expensive power cords - this is something to defy conventional wisdom - an affordable power cord that does wonder to PLCs!

i have extolled many times in the blog the many virtues of harmonic technology PRO-AC11 power cord as one of the best power cords to power up your PLC and a couple of readers like dr. chan, have heeded my advice and have never been happier ever since.

you can order HT PRO-AC11 from tweekgeek for USD200 (less than RM700).

oh, yes, this is my choice power cord for PLC for the last 5 years. I have compared it with RGPC's high tension wire and hifi kaki's shunyata python alpha and HT edged them easily.

so please dont complain about expensive power cords for PLCs, and you can no longer accuse maggielurva for recommending only high-priced hifi ;-)


km ng said...

Dear Maggielurva,

I'm refreshed and delighted to hear you've recommended a down-to-earth cable for the masses.

Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

The HT Pro AC11 power cord was very popular in its hey day in Singapore some 8 years ago. A bit dated now, I sold it away a few months back after being replaced by a DIY Acrolink 4030 power cord with Oyaide P004/C004 connectors

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

how did you use the Pro-AC11?

as a power cord for cdp, preamp or power amp, it is really nothing special but use it to power up the PLC, it is a great cord.

Anonymous said...

The AC-11 was originally used 8 years ago to power up a Bryston 4BST, then later delegated to powering up a MIT Z1 power conditioner much later. It's fame is in being used in places where high current is required, thus the power amp and the power distributor/conditioners. It was a very popular power cord in its hey day giving much competition to the Aural Symphonic power cords of days gone by. Nowadays it's performance can be superceded by many other power cords.

mafan said...

Wow,Maggielurva,you are right on the mark!!!!

My son had one in his entry level system,using it for his CDP,with so,so result.

Yesterday after reading you post ,and conforming with my son that it is indeed the Pro-AC11,I borrowed it last night,For My Shunyata ....

The result?Stagerring!!!Unbelievable!!!

My son's mouth went wide open when I told him I am keeping the PC.My previous PC,SR Phyton helix ,probably cost more than his system got blown away in exactly 5 seconds..I amstill listening as I type this..Thanks a million...How you find out I do not know,but I believe you listen with your ears wide open...

Anonymous said...

Shunyata requires 20A pc. Did your son's CD player also has 20A inlet?

Mafan said...

No My son's CDP has a 15 A,inlet but you can used a Cardas 20 A adapter,surely you have heard of the adapter anonymous?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi mafan,

best kept secret, huh? but please don't use adapter whatsoever - adapters, in whatever format, are strictly NO-NO in high-end audio!

if you like it enough, please change it permanently to a hubbell/wattgate 20A female IEC.

care to recommend those power cords which better the HT in PLC application? thanks.

Gerhard said...


THere are so many manufacturers that has jumped in the bandwagon of making the adapters..

just like you ,initially I was a sceptic but the Cardas top end 20 A adapter are just a delight ,with no sonic degradations[some of my friends thought it actually enhances the sound]

I used to change my Schuko to the american plugs when I came here but after using the cardas I find that ,it is actually better just to use the best adapter you could find.

Check out the Highend- broker from the Netherland ,give it a try and tell me what you think

mafan said...


I have decided to follow your advise,Have ordered the 20 A version.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to cables, Harmonic Tech (HT) is a shadow of its past glory nowadays. Their descent started when one of their co-founder Robert Lee (no relation with Noel Lee of Monster infamy), suddenly left the company to set up his own cable company. That company was Acoustic Zen (AZ), and AZ went on to make better cables than HT because the most of the know-how went along with Robert Lee who himself was the chief designer at both HT and AZ. Later the fact that HT's OEM (and also AZ) source from Taiwan set up their own company called Neotech was also quite detrimental bizwise. Of late, HT seems to have put all their focus on active light-based range of cables called Cyberlight/Photon which seems to be developed in collaboration with another company called Inex.

With regards to which power cable betters HT's Pro AC11 at that price range nowadays are the following contenders
a) AZ's own El-nino/Tsunami
b) Oyaide's Tsunami
c) Acrolink's loose 4030 cable

Hope you enjoy the history lesson ;-)

khtan said...

Thanks for the interesting story anonymous.

So do Neotech cables sound as good as the AZ?

I,ve been eyeing the AZ Gargantua 2 for quite a while,after reading the review but the price is out of my range as a goverment servant...what would be the equivalent for the Gargantua in the Neotech range?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

sure, we have no qualms on your academic knowledge in hifi, especially on japanese products ;-)