roger wang - the outstanding young person of sabah award

first of all, belated congrats to our guitar man, roger wang. the junior chamber international kota kinabalu named roger wang "the outstanding young person of sabah" (TOYPS) for the cultural & artistic achievement category at a grand gala dinner on September 9, 2007.

TOYPS is a prestigious award organised by the JCI to recognise young Sabahan and Malaysian individuals in Sabah who have dedicated themselves to the progress or welfare of the community at large. These individuals have excelled in their field of profession, practice and endeavour and while some are known by the public, others have worked in obscurity making them unsung heroes of their field.

2V1G recording resumes today, after many intermittent breaks. there were times when i felt my passion for this project has dwindled somewhat due to the long delay (it was expected to be out this month, even roger's official website has made that announcement!).

but it isn't the case when i stepped into the recording studio again to lend support to winnie ho, who is doing her solo today. singing her signature and award-winning song, coming home (hui jia), the highly emotive tune, coupled with winnie's great voice and roger's excellent guitar, manage once again to induce some goose bumps in me. yes, it is the same passion that got us started on this project. it is always there; it would never diminish. the project has started well and it must end well.

the grapevine is already abuzz with news that there is a new album coming out from regine tai and winnie ho. well, it won't move the earth but for those who really care about good music, this album is definitely worth waiting for.

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