after the astounding success of their TVC (transformer volume control) passive pre, local brand promitheus audio, is now venturing into true romance of the audio kind. no, we are not talking about its young designer, nicholas chua, falling in love with a fellow female audiophile, we are talking about its new 300B SE amp.

traditionally, 300B is famous for its lush and romantic sound with little dynamics to boot. nick chua thinks it needs not be so. so his main design goal is to create a 300B that can kick ass - small ass, maybe ;-) - and a 300B amp that you don't need to apologize to those PRaT folks when you play your dire straits or santana.

he uses an interstage transformer to couple the D3A to the 300B. he claims that the interstage transformer, more commonly found in expensive audio note 300B amp, gives a very lively, energetic and rhythmic character to the 300B sound. in place of electrolytic caps, he uses mainly mundorf, the well-acclaimed german caps.

some of the specs....

- Zero Negative feedback
- First and foremost Single Ended Triode
- No-Electrolytic Capacitors used in the amp
- Interstage Transformer
- A high quality Promitheus Audio interstage transformer is used to couple the D3A to the 300B
- Oversize output transformers made with M6 core·
- Oversize power transformers made with M6 core
- Choke Supply made with M6 core
- Tube rectifier
- Mundoft Tube Capacitor (polypropylene capacitors) for Power supply, making the amp fast and lively.
- Mundoft Polyester for Tube Bypass
- Ceramic Tube sockets
- Promitheus Audio output transformers
- point-to-point wiring
- Allen Bradley resistors
- Wiring is 7N copper wires
- Tubes used are JJ300b, Siemens D3A, JJ 5ar4
- The amps can be used with the following 300b tubes for extra power 52B,32B,320B,520B. (inquire within for more information)

so by looking at the specs, promitheus audio 300B looks like a tube romance with a twist. to check out this spiced-up romance, visit
or call nicholas chua 012-2210706.


Anonymous said...

any chance these toys can cramped a headphone jack/output onto it ?


rozario said...

Wow ,howq happy I am to live in the age of Malaysian Hi-Fi rennaisance

MaggieLurva and Nicholas,you have made us proud...

Is that Local wood that made the chasis?

kongkk said...

Agree with you,
Looks like An SET with a touch of rock n roll.Does Nick chua Recommend its use with its own pre amp?

promitheusaudio said...

The 300b can be orderd with headphone jack if needed but on a custom basis. COntact us for this special request

The local wood is our custom ordered Merbau chassis

Yes we used our SET with our TVC with great sucess and our Apollo preamp too.

im said...


How about doing a full review of the product?ala RH...That would be interesting...

jack said...

to the people at promitheus audio,congrats for your brave effort.

to Maggie,thank you for bringing the Malaysian Hi fI to centrestage.

Now we have the bragging right over our friends in tiny dot!!!!


happy prosperous New Year...WE will do our part to spread the words....

Dato R said...

Dear Nicholas,

First of all congratulations on your effort. I first heard of you from AV Express and I hope you and Maggielurva could work together to take Malaysian to unprecedented heights.
I also wonder why SET amp was chosen as your first foray into amplification? Any particular reason?

Best Wishes & Happy New Year!

LUKE said...

hi nicholas
does yr company provide modification to high end hifi products?
when i was in d states, we rarely listen to hifi off the shelf but we always send it for mod. u know like play around a bit.
after coming back here i can't find such services. so hope u can help me out.

promitheusaudio said...

Promitheusaudio have been featured in stereophile and have been given stereophile's recommend class B for our TVC

BUt we are pretty low key here at home or frankly non-existent.

THanks to LEslie and the write ups. Its a good way to tell people that we are from Malaysia

We plan to enter the domestic market with more presence and at the same time offer more afforable products in this region called home

We have been doing SET since the begining, from small power to the large power (from 1.5 watts to 150watts), type 45 to type 833a

But again this are custom projects which are not featured.

On modifications write to us about what you want to do and we could either do it or recommend someone for you to take the unit too. Our email is available via our webpage at

sam said...

Quite an impressive list of specs.
Good parts being used .
Put a lot of "BIG NAMES" manufacturers to shame...

Gnoh said...

As a user of TVC myself, I very pleased with the performance of the unit. Used it with a good IC like vacuum ref and all the music will shine through.

I have confidence that this 300B from promitheus will kick ass, judging from tack record and the quality of the components used.

Congrats Nick.

Julian said...

I wonder how this brand will compete

Is it to take on the best in SET or this is the "NAD" of SET in another word competing with the Chinese made SETs

ricky said...

Well Julian,let us not beat around the bush.

The Audionote folks use hand wound pure silver for internal wiring and the Promitheus use 7N copper..

So indirectly I think you have got your answer...