one of the best selling cantopop albums in the history - "the origins of love" - being remade, re-arranged and re-recorded by the original singer no less. bulging tummy notwithstanding, is alan tam as good as 20 years ago? is the recording worth shouting about?

as usual, you will be the first lucky one in malaysia to find out in this blog in two weeks' time ;-)


Canto fanatics said...


P.S. Need people like Steve Hoffman to remaster again

Canto fanatics said...

But as consolation, the DVD is quite nice:)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi canto,
is his singing good? arrangement good?

i am ordering a few for my dealers ;-)

canto fanatics said...

To me, all the ingredients are they, Alan's voice, arrangement is good, u have mixture of Chinese & Western orchestra. But it is the END product.

The CD sounds muddle & recessed. In my term, i call it, there is no "air".

I believed this CD suffers from over-compression.

If you watch the DVD and the section of the "Making of the album", I think Universal Music put in a lot effort in it. It is the last bit of the production, which our ears hear is below satisfaction.

I hope if indeed it comes out in LP version, it should not be affected by the compression issue.

Well I hope tis album comes out in LP or even SACD version, or else all the good effort is wasted, it contracdict the title "The Best Sound Ever":)))

Best, send it to Bernie Grundman or Steve Hoffman to remaster it.

Anonymous said...

Always the problem ain't it?
good music,good musicians reasonable recording crap engineering....

Seui said...

Have yet to receive my CD from HK...Can't wait to play this on my system. I very much prefer Alan Tam's mature voice more than the 80s or 90s.

seefei said...

i am a fan. will take a look at the store this weekend.