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when it comes to mini monitors that can kick ass, there are only a couple of names in my mind - acoustic energy, totem and platinum (by phil jones, who is now with AAD or has he left too?). sadly, all these happened in the 80-90s, today's mini monitors are more homogenized (and character-less, so to speak) as they have to be a complete offering - beguiling midrange, stratospheric highs and kick-ass bass.

but some manufacturers like AE believes that an old formula given a new treatment would still be relevant and be able to entice the new generation of audiophiles. when the AE1 stopped its production in the late 90s, many mourned its demise. time may move on but the classic principles that made AE1 such a hot property in the 1990s don't change overnight. here comes AE1 classic!

the original AE1 was revolutionary in that it was the first professional monitor to use a ceramic sandwich aluminium cone, the first to increase power handling by using the cone as a heat-sink, the first to incorporate a metal dome tweeter, and the first to demonstrate to the world that even a mini monitor can seriously kick-ass.

AE1 driver is known to offer generous power handling and suffers minimal compression. AE1 is also famous for its composite-lined cabinet rigidity. have your had the experience to carry the AE1 by hands? ;-)

all these and more are retained in the new AE1 classic.

AE has decided to bring back its long-time classic, are you ready to bring back your memories of the most powerful nearfield monitor in the 90s?

to find out, visit hi-way laser in ss2:

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roland said...

Agree with your observation

AE produces room filling sound that defy its petite appearance.

Ken said...

Used to own an AE2 standmount speaker.
The dynamics is an eye opener for a standmount.

julian said...

That is one hell of a standmount ,Ken

I could see why you graduated to ATC,

wang said...


Is it easy to drive with a typical British intergrated amp?

km ng said...

I remembered it you light a matchstick and place it in front of the AE1 port, on playing some dynamic music real loud, pooof, the flame got blown away.

Les, you forgot to mention, another grade A mini monitor. One that precedes the original AE1. No, no I'm not going to say LS3/5a if that's what you're thinking.

Since we are talking about dynamics here, if you have the opportunity, listen to the Sequerra Met 7. Now in Met 7.7 Mark V, I believe.

If I'm not wrong, the 1st time aligned mini monitor.

With a cigarette butt in the tweeter. Now, many are following by using a bullet in the same.

Sequerra Met 7, the 1st mini monitor I heard that "disappeared" and threw a wall to wall soundstage.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi wang,
you need at least 100 watt to make it sing :-)

yeah, i read about sequerra but haven't heard it myself. maybe i should write a post on legendary mini monitor other than LS3/5a. anyone remember celestion 3? that was quite a winner for its price.

Anonymous said...

AH!.mini monitors are what they are and with limitations if one has wide genres of music to listen. Lets not deny that many of us still yearn for more bass lines that this monitor may not be able to produce. Anything less than 6half inch mid bass driver is a no-no. My 2 sen.

James said...

In my experience,more than any other monitor, the AE1 is the least forgiving to substandard stand.

you need to get really steady stand s that has been decoupled nicely ,and filled to 5/8th with fine sand/lead molten.

than pay attention to the distance to side and and backwall.

you do this,the speakers will sing like there is no tomorrow

fred said...

I think it use to betrue before that the size of the drivers{especially bass]needs to be of certain size.

But things has changed over the years .the type of materials used[?have you heard ceramic drivers?]the design[tranmission line vs reflex port,and the crossover frequencies are all important factors, and good mini monitors are unfortunately very unforgiving to mediocre,wobble stands.

So if you get all things right,you might not get the last juice squeezed out of the lowest frequencies,but you get more than what Kassim Sulton could give out of Meatloaf's songs

km ng said...

Like a good tyre to a performance car, a pair of good stands will give the last 5% or so to the mini monitor performance, all things being equal.

And we know how difficult (but most interesting and challenging - that's hi fi science + art + listening skills + bit of abracadabra) and costly it is to squeeze the last few % from our hi fi systems.

Super stand mounted monitors like the Magico Mini comes with its own integrated stands which I believe cost more than a pair or two of AE1.

Conversely, a pair of poorly conceived stands will rob 5% or more (mostly more) from the speaker performance.

Stands (material, design, mass, density, height, among others) and how they are coupled to the speakers and floor are absolutely critical to the speaker performance.

Sorry have to use performance valuations by % (which I don't normally do). It's the economist hi fi guy in me talking.

will said...


to me,a good stand squuezes outthe last 20 % ,5 % seems a little low ,no?

km ng said...

Dear Will,

I think 20% difference may be a bit too high.

Perhaps, 20% in extremes, ie, between the best and worst commercially made stands.