master ken suggested to use double dosage of mpingo disc on my curtain - by sticking one on top of the edge of the other using bluetak and the result is very drastic - even more concentrated vocalist's mouth, a warmer and more analogue sound but at the expense of some airiness in the highs.

while i like the fact that i get much more focus on the mouth, i am not quite sure if i like a slight loss of air in the high-end.

this SM thing is dangerous, don't pray pray ;-)


Anonymous said...

1 piece is psychoacoustic,

2 pieces are psychoacoustics...

are u going for 3 ?

GCK said...

Hi, yep SM is pretty potent stuffs. It need to have balance, ying and yang to work well.
If I may suggest, use the other piece of SM on your power supply. Or maybe you have tried that already...
In my experience I use it on the plug at where the power supply comes out of the wall. Logo facing the AC outlet and dot is at 6 o clock. The piece is resting on the plug top with blu-tack securing the disk to the AC outlet.It works wonders on my system.

jim said...

Anonymous ,
I woder whether you have actually tried them or it is just hearsay

juju said...

What do you mean by balancing the SM?

Do you have one for the Yin and one for the yang?

john said...


I notice that the your SM are of different colors,

Do they sound differently?

jacques said...


Have you compare the SM with other tuning devises.

I like the Harmonix range a lot and I find the instructions quite easy to follow and the sound improvement dramatique

Anonymous said...

has anyone AB blind-tested this thing, objectively ?

alfred said...


i AM A SUCKER FOR THE air in the upper range.Is it possible to have both ,the vocalist mouth and the hight

james said...

As an engineer I would really like to find out how this work ,because believe me this darn thing really work!!1I just don't know how

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

as far as i know, there is only ONE colour for the SM - ebony colour!

not yet. would like to borrow from my dealer when i am free. i do believe the japanese are good with tuning.

no need to AB. unless one is deaf or his system is not up to scratch, the impact (i wouldn't call it improvement because it all depends) is so very dramatic.

i love my system's top-end as well and would not sacrifice it for a warmer or analogue sound. i am working on it, stay tuned.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

after some serious listening, i have decided not to use the 2nd piece cos the sound becomes too "woody" for my liking and leading edges become a bit blunted.

so, one piece of mpingo disc is good enough for me.

GCK said...

Hi Juju, I mean the SM must be used correctly. Cannot put too much at one area, other area will suffer as what Maggie experinced.

mnkh27 said...

Going to try them on car audio and see if it works.

Ken said...

Hi All,

First of all, let me clarify certain points.

1. Shun Mook is made using a type of African ebony. And like any type of wood, it has shading of different colours in it's texture. You may see that some mpingo discs having a slight brownish tinge while others are black. You can also see stripes of brown and black on some type of ebony, like those veneer used in ProAc speakers with ebony veneer.

2. Each SM product, whether it is the Super Diamond Resonator, mpingo disc, footers etc (except the SM platform) have a dot marking on them. This is so that you can align the disc which would enable to tweak the sound easier. Sometimes, you need to put the dot at 12 o'clock position, sometimes at 6 o'clock position.
But the end position is very system dependent. What works with my system may not do so in another system. The reasons for this is because each system utilises different hardware and also that the room is also very different.

Looking at the pic that you posted, I would say that you need to put the outer mpingo disc at a higher position.
The position you have put the mpingo disc is too low and you would not get the full benefit of SM. But once you align them well, you would find the mouth much more focussed with more air round it.


canto fanatics said...

Anyone can allow me home trial? :))

KM Ng said...

Being a fanatical user of SM products myself, I'm glad to read you're mesmerised by its magic.

A word or two in sharing if you don't mind.

1. Make a solo vertical wooden stand and stick the SM puck on it using a bit of Blu-tack. I'd think the present method you're using is not very stable - the curtain can move in micro mm (caused by external factors) and the puck, over time, can sag or twist and not remain vertical to the floor, ie, not parallel to the plane of your speakers. This may cause some harmonical distortion to the voice.

2. The SM founders recommended using 1 or 3 pucks. Never 2. Perhaps that's why you don't like the sound. I've tried 3 pucks in various configurations but don't like the sound too - vocal mouth got enlarged and too thick sounding.

3. With 2 pucks, use 1 to adjust vocal height and the other one place it higher in the vertical line to adjust for ambience and to float the highs.

4. If you have the wooden stand, you can move the puck on the stand forward and backwards (in mm) to move the vocalist so that he or she is not pancaked to the wall. For the ultimate in vocal reproduction, ie, a 3D spherical pulsating mouth, I reckon more SM stuff is required.

5. Using more SM pucks and other stuff correctly, emphasis on the word correctly, can shape the destiny of your system's sound.


P.S. The most stunning experience I've had with SM is the large record clamp (we affectionally called it the pig nose). The sound to die or kill for.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


good suggestion. in fact, i have seen those stands implemented in HK.

i will visit the photo frame studio one day to get it done!

it is definitely more flexible and mobile to have a stand.