opera consonance cyber-211 mono amp

opera consonance cyber-100s signature 300b amp

mr. ling of tong lee, located at plaze low yat, is one who believes that hifi shouldn't be an expensive hobby. he feels that the market lacks mid-end products, or mid-hi as we call it, the kind with price below RM5K.

to fill the vacuum, ling brings in many affordable brands that are high in value but low in cost and great in sound. brands like ASL (antique sound lab, the one whose "hurricane" model that sold like hotcakes after HP's endorsed it), project turntable, soundstage tube amp (starting from RM999!), opera consonance, CEC cdp are gear that won't dig a hole into your pocket. as a result, tong lee is supported by many frugal but discerning audiophiles. of course, ling's and jenny's (ling's wife) down-to-earth approach to the business has a lot to do with tong lee's success and longevity in the business.

ling is particular proud of the opera consonance range of amplication and cd player. (remember the droplet cd player that looks so sexy and desirable?) opera audio from china has been manufacturing tube amplifiers for 14 years now. opera's philosophy for hifi is "simple, human", which refers to the revelation of the original spirit and artistic content of music.

featured here are two of tong lee's bestsellers - the cyber-211 single-ended class A mono power amplifier and the cyber-100S signature 300B power amp. the cyber 211 in particular has won the 2007 Blue Moon Award in 6moons.com.

it is true that when it comes to tube amps from china, audiophiles are spoilt for choice but judging from the worldwide recognition for the brand, opera consonance is definitely no pushover.

if you were looking for a single-ended amp, or for that matter, any mid-range product, a visit to tong lee is called for.

also, i can't tell you enough just how nice and friendly jenny is. she is the kind who can remember your name forever once you step into her shop.

oh, tong lee is also the dealer for shun mook, conrad johhson and transparent cables and power conditioners.

Manager: Ling Wen Ang (012-5202988)
G19 &21, Ground Floor,
Plaza Low Yat
Off jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 KL
Tel: 03-21414366


Anonymous said...

Anyone knows how much the cheapest turntable at tong lee ?? and what brand..

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anon,

it''s just a phone call away ;-)