roger wang is anxious about our out-of-this-world (gross exaggeration, actually) audiophile album. i told him that it has been delayed for 3 months due to some complex circumstances but we should be ready in may 2008. so readers who are interested, thanks for your patience.

at the same time, our guitar man recommends me to listen to gina panizales' debut album "finally" which is recorded, mixed and mastered by him. owners of double take's debut album should know how great an engineer roger is. roger is impressed with gina's voice. "very powerful", he asserted.

i am asking him to send me a complimentary copy so that i could review it.

extract from all dat jazz (

Gina Panizales, Born and raised in Iloilo City, Philippines, her parents suggested a career for her far removed from singing that of an accountant. Gina took a degree in Commerce major in Accounting, took an administrative job in an office, but eventually found her naturally gifted voice leading her to do part time singing. It didn't take long before she knew it was her calling and joined a band leaving for Malaysia. Then there was no turning back.

She first performed in Kuala Lumpur, then Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and has traveled to South America, Australia, UK, Turkey both to perform and watch other concerts/performances. One of her cherished moments was performing live at the Cotton Club in New York (a famous Jazz club since the 1930s that still exists in Harlem) with a 16-piece swing band.

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