the first ever music magazine published by an indie label is out!

MTX promotes music which is neglected by the mainstream music, that include jazz, bossa, audiophile and indie chinese pop. MTX hopes to cater to the discerning music lovers who are still buying CDs even in the age of illegal downloads and rampant piracy.

check it out at your nearest record store...... be it victoria music, rock corner or cd rama......

you may want to know there is a contest to win 3 tickets to Kota Kinabalu to watch the jazz festival in june!

you can also download from here (look at the right panel) or musictoxin blog but most readers i spoke to prefer the hard copies.

enjoy your reading and please give us your feedback!

p/s please email me if you have problem getting a copy.

1 comment:

Panzer said...


Congrats on your new rag, just got my copy today thank you. It looks good!

Keep it up!

I look forward to the next issue already!