The main entrance.

Or AV Designs as I always called it, is located at M-W-1, Mezzanine Floor, West Wing, Rohas Perkasa, No.9, Jln P. Ramlee, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. It's a cozy place for me and some hifi cum AV buddies to hang out, or perhaps, watch a movie or two.

Various items on display and wall of literatures.

You see, AV Designs specialises in custom install of high end home entertainment systems. They can, for a fee of course, design any given room in your residence, office or place of business where AV presentation is paramount and re packaged it with designer inspired ambiance, yet practical home theatre or music room, or even presentation lounge, which ever fancies you. You may specify professional room treatment elements and ambiance lighting systems to be incorporated in to the design. Their show room also show cases their unique room designs!

At the show room, they have 3 AV rooms fitted for various budget levels, all tastefully appointed and fitted with room tune elements. For music show case, they've devoted the main lounge areas to demo hifi systems of various price points.

JBL Synthesis and Stewart! Beware, very poisonous, enter at your own risk!

The main high end AV demo room, which is THX certified, is probably one of the best ever installed in South East Asia. If you think those THX equip ed cinemas are impressive, you ain't experienced the full potential of THX just yet, not until you step in to this room! The movie soundtracks experience is mind blowing real! Equipment list in this room includes Esoteric multi format player, Lexicon processors, Bryston amps and JBL K2 Synthesis series speakers/subwoofers all round. Visuals are taken care with the use of Sony VPL-VW200 SXRD projector and a Stewart screen measuring 123 inches!

The tastefully decor ed THX equip ed room, do you know there's a sand trap in here for acoustical treatment purpose? Why? You ask? there are 4 x 18 inches JBL sub woofers(excluding those from the main speakers) here to shake your chair and rattle your balls! That's why!

Equipment galleria, powering the THX sensations, look at all the amplifier power, what a thrill ride!

The second AV demo room fitted with medium range budget in mind, is less visceral overall, but just as exciting! It also fitted with the latest Panamorph anamorphic lens for 2.35 format projection. This new devise, turns any existing projector equiped the V-Strech feature to cinema scope screen ratio. The visuals are stunning, to say the least. Colours are vivid, no bleaching and the sense of panoramic depth has to be seen to believed! The equipment list in this room is less elaborate as they consist of a Pioneer LX series Blue Ray player and surround processor amp unit, driving PMC speakers all round, with a JVC DiLA projector attached with the Panamorph lens, projecting on to a 2.35 Screen Research screen.

Look at that sense of depth, projected on the the screen. Breath taking!

The colours are so vivid, I am in AV nirvana? The result of the Panamorph lens in use. Awesome!

The third AV demo room caters to more budget conscious set up. Having said that, the level of sound and visual reproduction is still pretty much first rate! The equipment in this room includes Marantz, Pioneer and Denon electronics, powering Tannoy lifestyle speakers set, with a lower end projector in used with, what else? a Stewart screen!

One of the reason why AV Designs installed systems have such excellent visuals is that they calibrate all picture devices, be it a plasma/LCD screen or projector system to ISF Certified Standards. I believe they are one of the very few around. What does the calibration do to the picture? It actually calibrates your screen or display to the same standards used by the film and broadcasting industry, so that your screen shows you exactly what the film producers intended and saw for them selves in the studio.

The ISF practitioner's certificate.

And finally, we come to the audio demo lounge area, where Torus Power supplies, Bryston electronics are matched to PMC loud speakers, all hooked up via Wireworld and AOR Reference 003 cables. The results are just simply stunning sound from showroom conditions.

The main music demo, what a beast of a system. Bryston BCD1 CD player, BP26 Pre amp, 28BSST mono blocks powering PMC EB1i speakers(behind). This system does sound staging very well and alive. It totally rocks too! Note the Torus Power RM2A(between the mono blocks) and RM16A, partially hidden behind the left mono block.

There are other smaller demos around the lounge area to savour.

Should you're thinking about starting or upgrading an AV system, James Tan of AV Designs is one fella you should consult first, if it's high end AV quality you're after!

Should you are interested to find out more about Bryston, PMC, Torus Power and Abbey Road Cables amongst other products, James is also your man!

For appointment to AV Designs, contact James Tan, tel: 03-21712828

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