a few nights ago, i had the most glorious performance from my system. thinking that it was flash-in-the-pan because TNB always plays trick with me.

indeed, it was a precursor to more spending, on tubes, that is.

i have short memory. check my blog post on this topic here.

the sublime performance was the last breath of my svetlana winged-c 6550 tubes! the last hours (before the performance goes downhill) of the 6550 tubes are the most glorious hours and most memorable.

standard peak hours for 6550 is 1,000 hours and i just checked on the hours-counter on my ARC preamp, it is close to 1,000 hours now.

the bummer is the price of 6550 has increased by 20% recently. with this rate, every hour on the 6550 costs RM2.30. that's the highest "roadtax" i could think of.


Panzer said...


That's part and parcel of running tube amps. But glad you managed to pin point your problems.

km ng said...


RM2.30 is cheap for an hour in audio paradise.

Lawyers charge 100 times more for a hearing and they don't even give an honest opinion on the sound. :)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


haha, you and your wisecracks! fully agreed!