I first saw him sing on Astro AEC 9.30pm weekdays, Fei Yu Ching Show and I was gob smacked! Here's a neatly dressed fella, slightly gayish in appearance and when he sang those old, classic mandarin tear jearkers, he really connect with the song and touches his audience, well, at least me.

I have recently seen his CDs started appearing on ABC Records HD Mastering series, I bought it at first chance. I think this is a compilation of some his better works over the years and it shows.

HD Mastering aside, this CD has plenty of showcase for how a brilliant recording artist's work, being destroyed by the recording engineers! Fei Yu Ching should just find a new team, for which I think he did, as some of the songs weren't too shabby after all. Now if it wasn't for the brilliant voice and performing style, for which I think is very good, wouldn't have made it here.

I guess there's only so much HD Mastering could do with a bad source!

Get it for the songs only(if you like Tsai Ching's earlier CDs, like Lau Ge, I think you'd like this too).


hifikaki said...


when I was in high school, Fei Yu Ching and Liu Wen Zheng 劉文正 were the teenagers' two fav chinese pop stars. They were really big then, while Liu has retired many years ago, Fei is still going strong.
Glad to see that you are discovering these gems.

Panzer said...


I loved most of the songs on this CD, if only some of the recording qualities were more up to par.

Fei Yu Ching is a gem indeed.