Ken's question about PDL vs Clipsal vs MK under "bryston replied on torus receptacle issue" prompted me to think about my own experience, I'd like to share with you a good and inexpensive UK type wall socket.

I do not like, for hifi use, the wall sockets that are common place here - the white plastic cover type that has an on/off switch, like the ones shown above.

Picture from RS Malaysia's website

I found this MK socket with a metal face and a very sturdy build, the metal parts at the back are chunkier and looks high quality. Best thing is that it is unswitched. If you look at the construction of the switch in a socket, you'd notice that the contact area is a small point, which increases resistance and thus impedes high current flow. Though taking away the switch means that you have to suffer some inconvenience if you are used to swithcing things off at the wall.

(Note though, that switching things off at the wall does not guarantee complete protection from power surge. The only 100% sure protection is to unplug everything from the wall in case of a thunder storm.)

Indeed this MK unswitched socket gives better performance compared to the white plastic type, music has better flow, becomes slightly more robust, and has fewer rough edges.

I could not find it in the normal hardware store. I found it on RS Malaysia's website (, search for "MK metalclad plus", and under "wall socket" you'll find the item number 246-9366.

If you do not want to spring for an audiophile-branded wall socket, this is a very fine upgrade from the normal stuff for an investment of less than RM50 for the one gang version.

Disclaimer: I assume no responsibility for any mishap, please hire a qualified electrician if you want to change your wall socket.


Anonymous said...

This is a cheap and good tip.

fafafion said...

Good and timely article this one;

I have gone through quite a bit as far as receptacles are concerned;

here are my thoughts: should start by having a dedicated circuit.this is a must in my humble experience and the tweak that yield the best results as far as hi-fi money is concerned.

2.the receptacles should be devoid of any switches!!!if yours still have switches,run out as fast as you can!!!!...and get an electrician to install one.

3.the receptacles should not contain any Nickel,and pure copper should be the stuff the pins.

4.the housing of the receptacles should be made of metal.IF yours are made of plastic like resins,run away as fast as you can,I can write a long explanation but suffice to say that it is not for hi-fi.

5.beware of some ultra expansive Japanese made receptacles;they impart too much sonic signature of their own.

6.ground and control the resonance of the housing ;smoky quartz, shun mook and stuff like that can work wonders..

kiarch said...

I bought a similar unswitched MK 15amp wall socket (made in UK) from Mellenium Hifi years ago. I have not been able to let that go eversince; I brought it with me to the new house.

Cheap and good tip indeed! Especially apparent to the power amp.