The Furutech FI-32(G) vs Hubbell

Yeah, it's being 2 emotionally devastating days since the departure of the Torus Power, though I am not feeling or listening mood is not holding up too well for now, my final order for a Furutech FI-32(G) finally arrived, giving me an opportunity to detour from the prevailing hifi moodiness. This was meant to be used to replace my existing Hubbell IEC 20A plug(installed in to the output end of my JPS Inwall power cord) for plugging in to the Isotek Sigmas from wall socket. So you can call this a comparison between Furutech and Hubbell.

The FI-32(G) is about 3 times the price of the humble but still good quality Hubbell. Can we expect 300% improvement? At this level of world of high end audio, the law of diminishing returns certainly bites hard. But still, I can say that you can still easily expect 10-20% improvement(again system and dependent, so the YMMV caveat still applies here!), if I am still hearing correctly.

The main improvement area to the resulting sound is probably the highs. The highs now have further refinement compared to pre Furutech installed. The overall presentation of the sonic picture is also a little tidier and cleaner. The bass lines a just a tad firmer and more well controlled.

In terms of termination ergonomics, both the Hubbell and Furutech are equally easy to work with. However, the FI-32(G) is more comfortable with accepting big fat power cords like the JPS Inwall. The finishing aspect sees the Furutech leading with more polished gold surfaces while the Hubbell makes do with industrial grade materials. Still at 1/3 the price, the Hubbell is not too shabby either.

However, if it's absolute sound quality and refinement that you crave for, then only the pricier Furutech will do. I know that I've over crowed about the Furutechs a little too much by now, and should leave things as they are for now.

Furutech is sold by,
Center Circle Audio, tel: 03-77282686
Audiomatic, tel: 012-3222698
Dong Fong Ipoh, Tel: 05-5477863

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