Vitus Audio SS-101 Integrated power amp. 50Watts of Class A smoothness!

I seen the Vitus Audio products in hifi mags, they seemed well built and look like something that'll sound special. Full balanced class A amplifier designs are my kinda thing. It's come to Malaysia now courtesy of Audiomatic in Amcorp Mall.

Vitus Audio SC-010CD player, with built in linestage.

On demo is the SCD-010 CD player and the SS-101 integrated stereo amplifier. You may ask that if I have missed out on a pre amp? No, the pre amp is not required as the CD player has a built in line stage! You can also read about the products and Hans-Ole-Vitus, the brand's designer, on

Do make an appointment for a demo to avoid disapointment.

Vitus Audio is sold by Audiomatic, contact Eugene, tel:012-3222698

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Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Reminds me of this snippet from a movie sometime back...

"Resistance is futile...."

It really looks the part! Any chance of a review from you?