The curiosity is killing me! What's in tha box?

Since I have moved on to the Bryston pre and power amps, I have found them to be more responsive to the Quantum Physics Noise Disruptor(QPND for short) tweak. Also based on Mike's advice about the better placement possibilities on the Torus Power, I agreed to do a follow up on this very subjective tweak.

The IEC poistion on Torus Power as recomended by Mike!

I'll start with placing on the Torus Power, this time, I put the QPND on the top of the IEC input, instead of in the center of the doughnut tranny. This position, as recommended by Mike, seems to make the noise floor(what ever's left of it!) subjectively lower, if just a little. Nothing much had changed to other areas of sonic performance.

The Bryston swings with the Audio Magic QPND too!

I then proceeded to try placing the QPND on top of the Bryston 4BSST2's doughnut tranny, which is clearly visible through the ventilation slots on the top plate. It is in this position, this took on a slightly more notice able difference. Sibilant sounding recordings were less an ear full, the QPND in this position reduced most of the vocal sibilant by a fair bit on Shirley's Red CD(an ABC International release). However, I must stressed that the QPND did not completely remove the sometimes sonically irritating artifact. The overall musical presentation became more coherent and the kick drums seemingly have better definition than before, contributing to a steadier flow of musical rhythm and pace. I also found the bass lines easier to follow.

Again, I must stress that in my rather flip-flop experience of the QPND, the sonic differences noted were very subtle. But I admit to have more limited audiophile ear's capabilities than most, and in this case I am no better for it. Again, in tweaks of this nature, my advise is to try before you buy.

Audio Magic is sold by Audio Creations, contact Mike, tel: 012-3315669


hotbird said...

There is an alternative to this device but made in Thailand and at a fraction of the RM1500 price quoted. Check out XAV's Electro Magnetic Exterminator (EMX) which looks about the same and perhaps works in the same way too

hotbird said...

Forgot to mention that it comes in 3 sizes.
Small EMX 5 - for the CD player/Preamp

Medium EMX 9 - for the amp


Large EMX 11 - as a platform

Can explore this if one goes to Bangkok where I bought some to try.

Michael Ng said...

Quantum Physic Noise Disruptor small RM$285/unit


Quantum Physic Noise Disruptor large RM$800/unit

hotbird said...

Thanks for the correction, the RM1500 was for the Audio Magic Pulse Gen which was also discussed in the previous article that had me mixed up ;-)
Just for comparison, you can find the price for XAV EMX's at

Roughly 1800BHT or RM186 for the small size, and 3500BHT or RM360 for the medium size