That I went to ask V&V Audio for the Shunyata Dark Field Cable Elevator for trial was actually Panzer's idea. So this last Saturday when we met up, I took down the 4 pieces I had and passed on to him for a listen.
Later, I listened to my system without the Dark Fields. It sounded all right, almost indistinguishable from when the Dark Fields were around. So I thought, no big deal, I knew the Dark Field's effect was minor, though positive, anyway.

I listened to my system again Saturday night, then a couple more times on Sunday. Hey, what happened? I did not enjoy the music as much as before, there was a slight loss of coherence (but it did not become incoherent), there was some mechanical-ness in the music re-production while previously the music was more fluid. I also had to strain somewhat to distinguish minor details that I knew were there, because I heard them quite clearly the last few days. I was less relaxed listening.

All these were the areas that the Dark Fields improved upon. In my last post I said that their effects were small. I still think they were small, but what I did not realize was how critical they were. It was like that few drops of soy sauce that made a dish complete; or like that putt that put the golf ball into the hole after you have driven it for 400 yards.

Then, Panzer texted me about the Dark Fields in his system, he said, "The system... with the dark field elevators reached a whole new level of Sophistication! It brought the whole musical emotional intent to the fore. The slight dryness noticed yesterday totally gone. I want (the Shunyata Dark Field). Ha! Ha!".

So there he went with me to the Dark Side too.

I went back to V&V Audio and requested more Shunyata Dark Field Cable Elevators (an entire box of 12 pieces in fact) for Panzer and myself to check out.

Putting 4 back into my system brought back the smile a couple of hours later. I'd pass the rest on to Panzer, he wanted more so he could try them on his interconnects and powercord too. Let's see how his journey would turn out.

I have a conjecture based on my experience - it may not be possible to do quick A-B comparisons with the Shunyata Dark Field. When I first put them on, I needed to wait a day for them to bloom; when I took them off, I thought everything still sounded ok only to hear things progressively changed over a day plus. IF the Dark Field is really doing what it is suppose to do, this makes sense, as, I believe, draining static electricity and having static to build-up do take time (though I am not sure in our high humidity and carpet-less environment how severe the problem would be).

Topics on tweaks like this are likely to polarize opinions. However, the most important is one's own listening experience. So if you are interested, try them out in your own system to decide (remember to let them sit for a day or two under your cables first).

Ok, now where is that light sabre to complete my cross over? :-)

List price for the Shunyata Dark Field Cable Elevator is RM100 per piece.
Shunyata is carried by V&V Audio - 016-3302049 Mr. Ng.


Ken said...

Panzer & HFKK,

Seems like the Shunyata stuff is making the sound more coherent.

I am wondering what is the changes in sound with respect to the HF and bass when you put the interconnects, speaker cables and power cords under the Dark Field resonators vs just putting the DFR under the speaker cable only.

hifikaki said...


Good questions. I have not tried the Dark Fields under interconnects or powercords. If I come around doing that I'll post it here.

Btw, the Dark Field is a cable 'elevator', not a 'resonator', I assume you have a typo in your comment. :-)

Ken said...


My mistake.

I don't think it'll be easy for your to try out the DFE under your interconnects. You'll need to pull the FE rack out further into the room to try out.

I used some wooden cable elevator under all my cables. I find that the highs become more focussed. But the bass suffers in term of quantity. Because I like the highs the wooden elevators bring to my system, I opted for a compromise. I removed the elevators under my interconnects and power cords. On the speaker cables are elevated. The bass returned and become more voluptous.
What I don't understand is why removing the wooden elevators under the ics and pcs give me more bass? It still baffles me.

Eddie said...

I want to ask about wood block and dark field, why put wood block and dark field the sound can become better? Hifikaki has just told up what shunyata says, But i want to know the real reason, I ask electrical engineer friend, he said is psychological,Any sifu here know the reason? My question is a little silly, please excse me.

Ken said...


The reason I elevate my cables with wood block is that I want to make sure that the cables are not affected by the minute vibration traveling on the floor.
I sincerely think that tile floors has a tendency to let vibrations (from the sound of the speaker) happen easier than carpeted floors. But carpeted floors will tend to absorb the highs of the sound.

I find that elevating the cables make the sound more focussed, easier to follow. This is especially so when you are listening to more complex music, ie, music that involves a lot of instruments.

I used wood block because they were within my budget to be used as cable elevators. There were other cable elevators available but there were no local distributors available for them that time.

It is certainly not psychological because you can hear the difference easily especially if listening through a high resolution setup. That is why a lot of hifi enthusiasts is using a lot of tweaks.

Eddie said...

Thank you for your reply to my quesion, you have given me alot of insight into Hifi, But i am still questioned by my engineer friend, he said do you all do blind test? I toid him my Hifi experience is still very little, my listening skill is limited, what do you think, ken and other sifu and here? However i still endorse your opinion, I like your comments more and more,

Ken said...


We almost do not do any blind test in hifi. It is almost impossible to do so.

You should
1. listening to more hifi setups
2. know what type of music you like best.
3. compare these music played in your system to other setups and hear the difference (what improvement that you hear)
4. learn how to improve your system step by step

David said...
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David said...

Iet me state fist that i am not targeting you , i believe one does not need fou hifi, If does not need eyes for hifi, If you ues eyes to listen to hifi, please do not mislead people.

Ken said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ken said...


I seriously do not understand what you are trying to convey.

I am also not misleading anyone at this forum/blogspot.
Tell me in which part of the advice that I have earlier given to Eddie that is wrong or misleading.

Lastly, I don't eye-fi. I listen to hifi. I can bet anyone who has been dabbling in hifi seriously for 10 years or more, will be able to tell you instantly what is the strength and weaknesses of a system. It is very audible.

David said...


No blind test = psycho accoustic?

Are you telling Eddie that sighted listening is best?

If sighted listening, then one mislead himself, then mislead others?

You may convince Eddie, but others I am not so sure.

I am just trying to have a decent discussion, hope you don't get too agitated over my remarks.

Ken said...


Do you have a problem with me?

Did I step on your toe unknowingly?

Why do you have a fixation towards me?

I never said that I can say how good a system is just by looking at it. If you got proof that I said it, please show it to me!!

You said that you have nothing against me but all your recent post suggest otherwise.
1. You keep trying to ask me not to post any comments. So are you the moderator? Who appointed you? When did this happen?

2. You also keep mentioning that I mislead people, show me the proof that I have done that!

3. Furthermore, you are not able to offer any insights or have the ability to give good advice to anyone in this blogspot. If you have ever done that, show me when you did so!

All I ever see is that you keep giving "below the belt comments". If I am that bad, do you think Panzer will ask me to do some write-ups in this blog?

Please give only constructive comments. If you don't believe in my comments, you can challenge me but do so in a constructive manner. I will always explain why I said what I said.

Ken said...


I forget to add this to my previous post.

Please explain to me what is a blind test?

David said...


You saidi i am against you, but you should read back all your thesis in this bloog, how many peole you have gone against, do you know? you do not need to answer this not need to answer this question, the readers here can judge for themselves.

Have you read pear cable's story? If you read it you will understand blind test, Do you think you are qualified to join?

Ken said...


I think you seriously need to re-read my posts again. I did not go against anyone. If they have a valid point, they can raise it against me.

But all the points that has been raised against me in the past are done by people who hide behind the pseudonym of "anonymous". They don't even dare to reveal themselves even when I ask them to. If one strongly believe that I am wrong, then prove it to me. And do it openly, don't hide behind something just to shout. That to me show the gutless character of the person.
Most of these "anonymous" characters have not been able to prove anything and you know why? Because they haven't even try the product before. They base their beliefs in theory. Anybody who does scientific analysis knows that theory is just first part. the second part is the practical and in hifi, it is the listening.

I have only got very angry once, with a post written by Panzer earlier because I felt it was a very negative comment. Since he has explained that it was not, I did apologise to him. I am sorry if you have felt offended by my "thesis" type of posting but to a lot of people, it is a jargon free easy to understand write-up. Like I said earlier, if I am so bad, would I have been invited by Panzer to write for this blog?

I always feel that if I have something constructive to write about, I always do so. When I do, I am always prepared to explain my beliefs when people ask me so. That is what I always do. But I have never see you done so. All I see is that you have given "below the belt" unwarranted comments that is not related to the subject at all.

We can do blind listening test all day long with different products. But please remember that I am not alone when I rave about certain products. Hifikaki was also quite happy with the Telos products. I am not dragging him into this argument but I just want to illustrate a point. I don't see you challenge Panzer and Hifikaki when they write good reviews of the products they reviews. Do they do blind listening test? Can they do so? So did they eye-fi?

At the end of the day, you have not been able to answer the questions that I post earlier in this same topic. That to me means that you are not able to prove what I said is wrong.

David said...

I personally find your's and ML's writing to be prickly in style, While u may ask why I do not counter Panzer & Hifikaki in blind test? To be honest, I'd like to do so, Sometimes even if I don't agree with those two, but at least they are not offensive, I don't want to further this with u, Let me take a break before we continue again Bye!

Ken said...


Everyone is entitled to their opinion as you are.

But I feel you are being too presumptous in your assessment about me. I don't think you are giving me any credit for the things I have written. And you are just attacking me on one or two negative comments that I have make in the past. You have also fail to see that the negative comments are made towards me because the "Anonymous" bloggers were trying to ridicule me without any provocation. When that happen, I don't see standing at my side to "attack" them.

I can also tell you that some of them attack me before they have even try the product. And to counter, people challenge me on doing blind listening tests? To me this is nonsensical!

I don't know if you have noticed but lately the "Anonymous" fellas has not appeared anymore because they do not dare to reveal themselves once this blog started to allow only registered bloggers.

I also feel that you have never been able to answer any questions that I have posed earlier. And you conveniently avoid it again by stating that you want to take a break. This renders what you have stated to be meaningless. I am sorry if you feel that I am attacking you. I can say that I am not. I am just proving to you that you need to back what you have said, something which I have never see you do.