What's a pretty gal like you doing sitting on a couch?

This CD is a 2006 JVC Victor release. "Oh no, not another audiophile CD?" I hear you asked? Actually, it is. Ha!Ha!

I first heard this CD in a recent home visit, and her voice reminded me of someone I used to know a lot. I spent the last few nights dreaming about her voice and how she renders 500 Miles. For me it's just mind blowing. Just in case you're wondering, 500 Miles is my favourite "karaoke" tune, He!He!

For me, this CD has 6 tracks so right but got some of the other songs so wrong, or should I say made me feel indifferent. The six tracks that haunts me are:
2)Don't let me be lonely tonight
3)Love letters
4)500 miles
6)Bonus track in Japanese

For when the arrangements are right, I felt she could almost embrace me with the mellow, golden tone of her voice. The musician ship is good, and as expected coming from JVC Victor, the recording is superb.

However, as with so many other Japanese singing English songs, pronunciation error is sometimes noted, but Noon does it better than many in this respect.

Come to think of it, if you've got a thing for 2V1G, produced by Musictoxin, I think you'll quite like Noon too.


Ken said...


How is the music arrangement? Simple like 2VIG or is it with a few instrumentalists?

My face Japanese singer of english songs is Mari Nakamoto.

Panzer said...


Noon either sings accompanied with single instrument on some track, and quartet on others.

It's arrangements are more modern audiophile jazz in flavour.

GCK said...

Ken, you will be disappointed by Noon's English pronouciation.
I prefer Chie Ayado or Keiko Lee anytime.