pioneer, as a brand, is known as a mass consumer electronic brand. its closest and most successful brush with two-channel audio was the pioneer A400 integrated amp many years ago, which was touted as the budget king of integrateds. can you believe that now pioneer wants to venture into high-end?

pioneer is the parent company of TAD (technical audio devices), a famous pro and home audio badge and as a result, it adopts many trickle-down technology from TAD's top-range speakers. the result is S-1 EX speaker - pioneer's latest assault with high-end.

andrew jones of TAD designed this pioneer beauty. under andrew's leadership, a multi-national team reconfigured the TAD beryllium technology into the 145 lb, three-way, USD$9000/pair pioneer S1-EX. it uses coincident tweeter-midrange array, with the midrange unit being magnesium cone.

stereophile has awarded the S-1 EX as "the speaker of the year". according to them, the pioneer floorstander sounds fast, dynamic, detailed and transparent. those who’ve admired the sound of the speakers from TAD, but could not afford them will find the pioneer a cheaper alternative, alto' RM49,000 is far from cheap.

for brand snobs who look down on pioneer as a serious audiophile badge, you are invited to hi-way laser to hear it yourself:

11A, JALAN SS2/75,
+6019.281.3399 (kenny sin) (map inside)


lim said...

Good prediction with the election result!!!!

Anyway I thought pioneer should put the speaker another brand.

It is like eating mercedes pizza,doesn't quite goes right

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi lim,

yeah, my prediction came true ;-)

i will pop by at hiway to check out the pioneer. something must be right for them to win stereophile's vote.

Anonymous said...

Heard these pair recently but not particularly impressed. Very clear speakers but a bit harsh to me. I can't listen too long to them without getting fatigue. The lows could be better too. It could well be the other component related factors but overall, a disappointment to me.