yes, my dealer is ordering a unit of audio magic stealth mini reference for my sole evaluation.

my reviewing job is stacking up. with my day job getting hectic and coinciding with the post-production work of my audiophile album and the publication of av xpress, i am left with little time for reviewing. but i am always enjoying everything that life has to offer. apologies to readers who are waiting eagerly :-(

i am equally eager to know if this little box can do magic as it claims.


GCK said...

Hi Leslie, it would be great to have Audio Magic products in Malaysia. I hope the dealer would not slaughter us. Sell it close to USD equivalent and we would be happy. Can't wait for your comment/review on the mini reference.

Akhyar said...

Lil'KC has reviewed the Stealth Mini Reference at Enjoy The Music.
I saw it at one of the shop in The Adelphi, S'pore going for S$1.9k.

When I lift the unit, it's a bit on the light side considering it's size, unlike other power conditioners that I've lifted like Isotek, RG, etc.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi ck,
yes, my dealer is willing to sell it at USD-converted price but it must be better, performance-wise, than RGPC for a start before they will considering taking the distributorship.

don't let the weight fools you. shunyata hydra is equally light-weight but what a stunner.

Akhyar said...

I still don't know what material they used to make the casing. It looks like steel but it sure damn light like aluminium :P