one of my dealers plans to bring in the audio magic range of power conditioners and he asks me to conduct a survey in this blog:

[1] what do you think of it, as compared to current (malaysian) favorites like richard gray and shunyata?
[2] what is the characteristics of the sound as compared to RGPC and shunyata (which i have documented here extensively)
[3] would you consider looking for an alternative power conditioner if you already have one?
[4] what would be the price you are willing to pay for the entry model?

knowing how popular this topic is, i am looking forward to lots of feedback from you!


ling said...


The dealers need to promote the use of power conditioners more aggressively.The power conditioner should be agressively priced {equivalent in USD]and yea I would change the conditioner if prove superior

chee said...

the problems about a lot of power conditioner in m'sia is it is priced outragously high.look at the ps power,rg or shunyata ,the mark-up is mind boggling.if the product is competitely priced and widely availabe to many dealers,i am sure it will move very very to us mid-fi users value for money is important

johnny said...

It sounds a lot like exactpower,I am not sure whether it is available in Malaysia.Very,very neutral.Asyou know ,the shunyata tends to be bottom heavy ,whereas and RGPC [and APC]tends to be top heavy.thesetend to be in the middle

Anonymous said...

If priced right, sure we will love to use conditioners. It is the foundation to good sound.

liam said...

Bring it on Maggielurva!!!!

We are sick of the overpriced RG and Shunyata!!!!

Like anonymous said ,power conditioners are the foundation to every system...I think 75% of Malaysians use RG ..Let it be available too,get as many dealers as possible to carry this

zizi said...


I can only answer 3&4

3]Yes,thought of replacing my rg to PPP but after the chaos .....maybe audiomagic is the one

4} Slightly lower than RG 400s,I think if it is around 2.8k it would kill RG for sure

jackson said...

Are you kidding me?

audio magic makes amongst the finest conditioner money can buy.Shunyata and RG are a few leagues behind..

Audio magic are know to give you superb details and super black background.

Your dealer sure know his stuff maggie.....

mike said...

In the US their high end models are more popular.

It ranks among the most neutral and balanced conditioners around.

Shunyata ,APC,RG are certainly good ,but they have their "signiture' sound.

With audio magic you just get very,very quiet background and the sound of instuments and vocals are very,very well formed.

Highly recommended!!!

P/s I 'm talking abt their higher models.I have no experience with regards to their entry levels

roland said...

I am currently using Power wing conditioner by world power after moving on fr audience.

I certainly agree with the above opinions from your readers that The users in Malaysia certainly deserve much more choices that are currently availble.

I think Shunyata and RG are fine at entry and mid level,but as you move up the ladder,you want your conditioners to be as neutral as possible without imparting ANY sonic sound of their own..

What Are the functions of conditioners?

1] To prevent background noises so that the background is as quiet{Dark?] as possible.

2]To smoothens the sound at extreme frequencies

As a result of the above you SHOULD get more details,more seperation of stereo and instuments,clearer high and cleaner base,you could fell the character of the halls,and cleare timber.

To my mind power conditioners has absolutely no business adding its own sound

nyaba said...

I think it is important for the right dealers to carry.

Bl;adieus is literally unknown in Europe and US and yet it is the best selling Integrated amp in Malaysia.

Even the success of RG is in fact attributed by audio art Ipoh>I certainly think that they sell more RG than the people at CMY.

So What Audio Magic needs is right pricing{as long as it is about the price in US we are happy},
the dealers are good and you don't have to look for it all over the place ,maybe it could be the new RG.

wan said...

"Variety is the spice of life"
Certainly true for audiophile's life.

Anonymous said...

What you people in MY need may be the Oyaide range of products. Try the Oyaide MTB 4 & 6. which is just a pure passive power conditioner, but against the likes of PSAudio Quintet, Shunyata Hydra and be surprised at how neutral and transparent the Oyaide MTBs are without adding any sonic signatures.
Also try the Oyaide R1 Outlets and their various plugs like F1/M1, C004/P004 etc. Changing to Oyaide plugs and outlets is the best alternative/additional must to upgrading power conditioning

hafiz said...

I agree with you with regards to the need to move on fr the typica power conditioners.

But I think you are simplifing the matter.

To get the best from your power i.e the most uncorrupted power,you must start with replacing the house wiring;I use armoured bx cable acrolink stress free copper is just as good and slightly cheaper.
Next the breaker box must be up to the mark,this includes the use of high quality and appropiate amp breaker.

Following this,comes the receptacles{plugs]Again My personal fav are cro-ptotecx treated HUBBEL,but acrolink,oyaide and furutech also makes decent plugs.

I choose a 20 amp receptacles for my monoblocs and the 15 amps receptacles for my source and pre amp.

Lastly comes the conditioners.If you follow the above ,There is little for the power conditioners to do.What happen now is that we just hop[e the power conditioners to do the magic,which I think is a bit unfair.Likewise just putting The most expansive cryo traeted Oyaide receptacles will not add the magic unless every stage is taken care off.

Having done all these{which actually doesn't cost that much actually]You can really sit back and let the system dissapear.This to me is the ultime in Audio

kim said...

To answerv your Questions:
1.I think It looks cool
2.Can't answer this.
3.Definitely especially if it is more value for money
4.As long as it is equivalent to the USD,I think It would be fair.We don't want our dealers to lose money but we don;t want to be slaughter either.

And It should be widely available

Anonymous said...

Yes the exchange rate should use 3.2 or lower :)

jal said...


Mr Hafiz raised a very good point with regards to the requirement of a reference system.

If however you are talking abt entry levelsystem,and mid level system your system will sound anaemic with passive conditioner like acousticrevive and oyaide.for the entre level you need something like the shunyata and RG

But as your saystem improves ,and your rigs improves so does the need for quality conditioners.

I was surprise to find out that Exactpower and now Audio Magic are available in Malaysia.These 2 are very very good conditioners and they have a full range fr entry level to very sophisticated models.

The fact remains,that they need an ubuiquiotos presence with good educated dealers network.It could easily outclassed RG for sure

ng kj said...

Hello Maggielurva,

looks like our dealers are finally catching up with everyone else in the region.

Bringing in is one thing but marketing it is something else .

I will withould my next purchase untill the audio magic comes.

jimmy said...


I think Getting the plugs are optionals but power conditioners are a must in every system.

I do not know that Oyaide makes power conditioners as far as I a know If you like Passive conditioner Acoustic Revive is the name to look for

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hey guys,

thanks so much for the input!

my dealer would like me to tell you that HE HEARS YOU LOUD AND CLEAR!

he is going to bring in a unit of stealth mini reference (USD1,200) and let me evaluate it. yahoo!