the first time i "tasted" the forbidden apple, adam, short for advanced dynamic audio monitor, was in TIS recording, the HK audiophile label (with artistes like le mon and fong sum lui) started by chang and vili. as fans of TIS recording can attest, TIS's sound is one of extreme transparency, openness and sometimes, over-the-top high frequencies. in the right systems, TIS cds can sound a million dollar.

adam is german and it was founded in 1999 primarily as pro audio studio monitor brand. in only a few years, adam has established itself as one of the 3 world-leading manufacturers of professional monitors and this success prompted adam to advance to home audio. their famed tweeter, called the ART (advanced ribbon technology) tweeter has much to do with producing high frequencies that are well-extended, open, airy and precise, a criteria that today's audio engineers demand.

adam offers both active, semi-active and passive loudspeakers as they believe each option has its merits. featured here is the entry model, gamma, from the top-end series called tensor. gamma has both active and semi-active version, the active one equipped with a 250W amplifier that drives its proprietary hexacone woofer. gamme uses adam's new X-ART (extended ART) transducers for the mid and high frequencies, which results in even greater clarity, airiness and precision.

folks, let's face it. when it come to tweeter technology, you can have your beryllium, ceramic, diamond or whatnots but nothing can quite compete with ribbon for practicality, cost/performance ratio and sheer musicality.

adam has eaten the forbidden audio apple in audio matic in amcorp mall and eugene ngoh is there to offer more apples....

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Gerhard said...

Dear Maggielurva,

This speaker is very, very popular in Germany,

It is a very musical speaker and matches easily with all type of sources[Vinyl'digital]

One for a musiclover.

P/s:Don't you think it sound a lot like your maggie?

joe said...

Dear Maggie,
Fully agree with you,
Something hauntingly good about ribbon tweeter.
So many high end manufacturers has jump in the bandwagon.

Acoustic zen adagio and Piega has also successfully use the ribbon with immense success.

km ng said...

I agree that good ribbons give the most natural high Hz extensions.

Look at those musical instruments capable of high Hz extensions - cymbals, triangles, trumpets, french horns, flutes, violins, etc.

Except for violins and some flutes, all of them are made of metal.

Ribbons are also the same and because of this, I think ribbons get the high frequency extensions and harmonics right - the air, shimmer, float and details. Almost like the real thing.

Conversely, ribbons can also give a steely quality to violins and wood based wind instruments, if not properly executed or matched.

Well, I guess in audio, as in life, you can't get everything without losing something.

P.S. My tweet is a circular ribbon for my point source designed speaker. So, I may be a bit biased here.

P.P.S. Line sourced ribbons move the most air and to my ears, the ones to die for.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi gerhard, joe,

yes, it does has some resemblence to maggie's highs ;-0

but (in my limited experience) i find piega rather cold-sounding. YMMV.