kubala-sosna emotion interconnect

for an interconnect that cost well over RM10K (for 1.5m), kubala-sosna's packaging is rather modest and unassuming.

my first impression is a positive one. despite joe kubala's refusal to reveal to me the material for the cables, i could guess that it may contain silver, because the highs do not lose out to my stage III concepts magnus (which is my gold standard in highs), my reference for RM10K-and-below interconnect.

i was shocked when i found out that k-s cables do not need breaking-in. in that case, i would immediately point to its rather controversial character of a SLIGHTLY bloated midrange (just slightly). if we use an analogy of a woman's body - albeit a little sexist - k-s emotion would make jessica alba looks like angelina jolie, which may or may not be a good thing. on the same token, it would make gywneth paltrow looks like jessica alba, which is definitely a good thing!

on my system, which is a jessica alba (i.e. perfect figure, neither lean nor overly-endowed), k-s emotion is too "full-bodied" for my liking. however, the emotional delivery is ABSOLUTELY top-notch and it is fantastically natural. i have never come across cable that is so good in conveying the emotions of the music. this virtue itself is worth extolling.

despite kubala-sosna's claim of no need for breaking-in (which i don't quite believe cos it sounds way better after 2 hours), i would cook it for 2 days before i assess it again.


james said...


Try the speaker cables too,it will balance the midrange.

jeb said...

The Kubala sosna emotion is the king of midrange,I do not quite understand what bloated midrange means,

care to explain Maggie?

lest said...

Agree with you,
Joe told me not to burn-in but I certainly found it to be at its best after 48 hours.

I also think that the ic is best matched with their speaker cables..

I tell you it would be magical.
Do give it a go....

saque said...

Ic and Sp cables sound abt right,

The K-S emotion P C is less fussy and I find it give the best result for digital front[Though I eventually decided on all K-S emotion set-up]

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


give me a couple more day and i will post a more conclusive review ;-)

by bloated, i mean that the mids are "thicker" than i would like it to be. however, it may be system dependent.