Guys, let's welcome the maiden review from my reviewer, T-Bone

Love Standards is a winner. Eriko Ishihara has all the characteristics of a star-class entertainer with an attitude only she can deliver. As a singer, her style is natural and understated, yet “an almost conversational intimacy combines with subtle power” to produce feelings that it’s hard to put your finger on. The ten-song compilation has musical arrangement, melodies, and vocals made for each other.

This is a very solid and thoughtful disc, though with its slow and graceful music making the majority of the disc, it's best for those patient enough to explore its quiet mysteries. Ishihara being an established pianist, showcases great piano skills with tunes pleasant to the ears. Her interpretation of the songs through her piano will surely lead you, to understand that Eriko is part of the music.

There is a song for what ever mood you are in on this album. Special mention should be made of the valuable contribution of her talented musicians that knows Ishihara’s strengths and helps her singing, glow through luminous accompaniment, rhythmic interest like that of I’ve Got You Under My Skin , What A Wonderful World and Shall We Dance. Meanwhile, her sterling performance in My Funny Valentine captures that memory of years gone by. She has a beautiful voice that is also quite flexible, as she shows throughout this consistently interesting release. She sings what she likes and it shows. Pure clean vocals. She doesn't have the biggest voice out there but she sure has the prettiest.

Love Standards is charming and a delight. You undoubtedly will find musical areas of reflection, excitement and serenity. My final verdict on this offering is, all of Ishihara’s songs have a pleasant rhythm to them; nothing flashy or distinctive, more like a friend you’ve known for a long time and are comfortable with.

Thanks Ishihara - can't wait to see what you come up with next time!

Reviewed by T-Bone.

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