i went to watch colbie caillat's (pronounced as "kay-lay") showcase in the curve tonight. i must say i fell in love with her simple and melodic music which conjures up images of clear skies and warm breezes.

i have heard about colbie few months back but i thought she is just another teeny-popper. but tonight she impressed me with her music, mostly acoustic folk, light pop/jazz that is easy on the ears. she has a unique voice. she is definitely better than jack johnson, the male singer she is often compared to.

colbie reminds me a lot of singapore's tanya chua (cai jian ya), one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the chinese pop scene.

i am going to get her album tomorrow!


imert said...

Agree with you .

bought her album 2 months ago from e-bay,thought she was quite good for a mainstream singer.

very unique voice.Tell us what you think abt the album though sinceyou have heard live

GlySinn said...

Sure or not better than Jack Johnson? :D
Jack has plenty of wit, charm, sarcasm and honesty in his lyrics & music. Until I listen to more of Colbie, i shall stop at this juncture.:)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


i am talking not about lyrics, i am talking about the strength of the melody and pop sensibility, in which case, ms caillat wins hands-down. maybe you can argue that mr. johnson's music is more for the mature audience, which i do agree ;-)

jules said...

I think you have a crush on Her!!!!

Don;t let matter of the heart cloud your judgement,my man!!!


wan said...

Yeah ,
her voice is so "manja'

Don't blame Maggie if he has a crush on her!!!

jp said...

What do you think of her album?

I thought the MPV version sounds better.

What do you think?

mont said...

She's one truly unique sweetie!!!

I really love her charm and simle style,reminding me of the vgood old days growing up by the beach....very innocent

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

jules and wan,
she is sweet, a bit like jennifer aniston but kinda of "big" for asian men like us :-(