readers of this blog are cordially invited to a demo of ayre MX-R monoblock at hi-way laser @SS2, petaling jaya!

for the uninitiated, charlie hanson's ayre MX-R has been winning award after award (stereophile product of the year 2007, hifi+ product of the year 2007) since its launch and many who have heard its sound, including a few of us, think that the argument about which is better - solid state or tube - is made irrelevant.

boasting 300 watt per channel, the ultra compact MX-R's chassis is milled from a solid billet of aluminum; it is classy and have great lust factor for those who place emphasis on aesthetics. sonically, we were impressed by the ultra smooth and powerful sound, the lightning fast bass and clean midrange. the sound truly justifies the tagline for the amp - second to none!

currently on demo at hi-way laser is a pair of Ayre MX-R monoblock driving ATC SCM50 speakers, with Ayre CX-7e CD player as the source, K-5xe preamp & Cardas Golden Reference cabling throughout.

those who are keen to listen can contact can contact Kenny Sin (Hi-Way Laser) at 019-2813399. hi-way laser is located at the heart of pj ss2 ( please don't feel shy, we assure you that kenny is one of the nicest dealers around!

scurry to hi-way laser and experience music on ayre!


aboon said...

you've listened to some decents setup before, how does this set up stack against others

patrick said...

now ,the ATC is notoriously difficult to drive .If the ayre could drive them to their full potential It will produce an aural heaven for shure...

howard ho said...

this is certainly a positive step taken by hiway laser ,no wonder they are doing well.
as RH say the only way you could show the benefit of hifi sound is by demonstration by a quality dealer that care.That's why there are so many audiophiles in UK.I urge all of you to bring your nonaudiophile friends to have a listen,maybe they will get the MB c class instead of on the E class and spend the rest onagood system'''

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi boon,

the real fun is to go to hiway and listen for yourself...then we can compare notes ;-)

btw, the ayre monos are priced at RM70K a pair so it will be a real treat to listen to them.