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nelson chia, proprietor of centre circle in TTDI is having a serious headache.

many would not argue that centre circle is the classiest audio saloon in malaysia, with its nice interior and cosy furnishing. most customers feel at home once they step into centre circle. nelson's belief in investing on a conducive environment for his customers has brought him a loyal following.

unfortunately, his lease for the shop is going to be terminated and he has to move out very soon. you can imagine his disappointment after having spent so much on furnishing and renovation. he is taking this opportunity to clear his stock, mostly demo units and he is inviting you readers to pop in and check it out. you will sure find something that entices you.

here's a only a partial list of demo stock on sale:

[sim audio]
1) i-3 integrated amp -> RM4,000 (normal RM7,500)
2) i-5 integrated amp -> RM6,500 (normal RM11,500)
3) p3 preamp
4) w3 power amp -> RM13,500 (normal RM24,000)

[vyger turntable]
1) vyger timor -> RM4,800
2) vyger baltic -> RM12,000

[thiel loudspeaker]
1) thiel MCS-1 with stand -> RM12,000
2) thiel CS2.4 with stand -> Rm15,000

1) RC03 preamp
2) RB03 power amp -> RM2,600

1) PM7200 integrated amp -> RM1,000
2) DV6600 DVD player -> RM1,000

1) X2.5 preamp -> RM9,000

there are many other odds and ends that are not listed here.

if you want to prevent nelson from having a paracetamol (panadol) overdose, you may do him a great favour by paying him a visit: (map in website)
tel: 03-77282686


Anonymous said...

Eh, stock market crashed, and all the potential deals already booked vaporised, leaving holding lots of unsold inventory ;-)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

well, close but not exactly ;-)

Gnoh said...

Hi Leslie, paid Centre Circle a visit last night. They are moving next door only, but still it is a big headache :-). Pity their CDs not on sale.