avantgarde model 3 integrated amp

this is akin to asking "what can you do with half a dollar (50 sen) in malaysia?". in the case of avantgarde acoustics, the answer is "plenty!".

for starters, half a watt can drive all the avantgarde horn models with ease. i kid you not, if you haven't listened to the latest generation of the avantgarde speakers driven by this new model 3 integrated amplifier, you will still be thinking that avantgarde is an acquired taste and not a speaker for the masses. fact is, avantgarde speakers when partnered with its own electronics, make great sound.

the model 3 is a successor to model 5. delivering a miniscule 1.1wpc in class A and 38 wpc in class a/b, the model 3 amplifier and an avantgarde horn speaker will make an outstanding combination at the respective budget sum.

model 3 utilizes an ultra short signal path, a “near zero” feedback layout and a unique cascode power stage output circuit. those who haven't heard low powered amp driving horn speakers, you would never know what is meant by "completeness" and "authority".

model 3 is not only meant for avantgarde speakers only, it is also great for other high sensitivity speakers.

and to think that i leave the pun until the last minute - those who are getting "horny" ogling at model 3 and start imagining how it satisfies its partner (avantgarde horn speakers, of course), you can give mr. wong tatt yew of audio note a call at 019-2679087. he would be pleased to arrange an audition for you ;-)


Wolfgang said...

I heard this during the Munich Hi end show.

Purely Magical.

chonglee said...

The Avant-garde philosophy is very poorly understood.I have seen friends tried to match it with american behemoths amp.
What you get once you match it well is music at its most seductive best.Once you have listened to it when it is properly matched{with flea powered amp,good acoustic space]your live will never be the same...
I am talking through experience..

aboon and friends said...

Most important question,how much??
where can we auditions?

julian said...

some of the best amp s are flea-watt amp.Obviously as the dictum goes the first watt is the most important watt.Would it be ok to drive any other high efficiency low impedence speakers?

hafiz said...

Hey Maggielurva great site!!!!
just back from UK after 22 years and was pleasantly surprised to discover your blog..

avantegarde??For music lover.I own a duo spk and did try this amp ,but prefer the WAVAC monoblocks instead.This amp is cheaper though than WAVac and not that inferior...

How's the hi-fi scene like in Malaysia?I noticed very few of the old dealers are around .Look forward to following the blogs.Keep steady my man!!1

ericloh said...

a lot of Malaysian would be scared to try something new.

First thing they do is check stereophile and what hi fi first .if its notthere...difficult ...Why dont we start trusting our ears?

Anonymous said...

Congrats.Your blogs has >40k hits

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi hafiz,

welcome back to malaysia. i have nothing exciting to tell you about malaysia in any aspects - be it politically, economically or even hi-fi wise. as a nation, we are stagnating; same goes to the hifi industry. but with the advance of internet, blogger like me can have a presence and contribute to this passionate hobby of ours.

keep reading this blog and contribute your ideas to make this a better place ;-)

wolgang, chonglee, julian
avantgarde produces dynamics that is unparalleled. i have heard the trio with basshorn and the experience is earth-shattering.

audio note at mont' kiara. contact wong tatt yew. he is one of the best around. don't ask the price ;-)