there comes a time in an audiophile's life where he is totally at ease with himself, fully immersing himself in the music, and feeling 100% secure about his hifi, without any audiophilia neurosis and the need to constantly upgrade.

he feels that he deserves the best to enjoy his music so he is willing to splurge on any luxurious accompaniment that enhances his listening experience...

so he spent a few grands on a designer barcelona chair, which not only looks good but feels good as well. it is the kind of listening chair fit for a king...

and this person is none other than yours truly :-)

[post-script] i speak too soon! the introduction of leather furniture has changed the acoustic balance in my listening room somewhat. i need to redress the balance again. what a bummer. let's treat it as another minor challenge :-)


Dimitry said...

Maggie I just look back at some of your older post,and I think you are one of those few who managed to get it right.

And the money that would have been wasted on unnecessary upgrades could be spent on things to reward your self
With regards to the change in dynamics,Could the height if this chair be different from your previous one ,?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi dimitry,

i have been dabbling in this hobby for close to 20 years, so it is about time that i get it right ;-)

currently, my living hall works on the live-end dead-end (LEDE) principle. the maggies are extremely fussy about surrounding furniture and they don't like over-damped room. with the right acoustics, the maggies sound very lively and full of life. fortunately, with some simple rearrangement of the furniture, i managed to get back my desired sound!

oh, btw, the height fo the chair is exactly the same as my previous chair.

p/s my next furniture upgrade is to get a leather day bed to replace the wicker 3-seater you see in the photo ;-)

Herald said...

Nice blog !@!

I always feel that you should make yourself as comfortable as part of the listening experiene...

BTW ,I have seen people having Hi-Fi as a hobby and even after a lifetime of experience still do not get it..

I concur with dimitry that you have a deep understanding of music loving..Most people spent only on electronics because these are the thing that you could :brag: about

The fact that yOU pay particular attentions to details..{power supply,cables,listening chair etc] shows that you are very secure about your knowladge
That is also why you could have the time to listen instead of busy at looking at the next electronics upgrade...