onix reference 3 hybrid loudspeaker

We have talked about how thriving hifi is in smaller cities like Ipoh and now even Kampar, a once thriving town only 30-minute drive from Ipoh, has its own hifi shop!

Young proprietor, Mr. John Sin, who founded C&O Audiophile Enterprise early last year together with his partner, Mr. Ng, has a big dream – to run a hifi/AV business that serves the needs of audiophiles from across the entire spectrum of hifi/AV. They are optimistic that hifi business is still a profitable business if managed well.

The key reason that the shop is based in Kampar is that John’s partner, Mr. Ng, is from Kampar whereas John hails from Ipoh, and together they believe that the cost of doing business in Kampar is much lower than in Ipoh. With its base in Kampar, C&O gets to serve customers from Teluk Intan, Bidor, Tapah and Cameron Highlands.

John observes that in Kampar, there are many enthusiasts who dabble in either very low-end stuff or very high-end stuff, leaving a gap in mid-end. So, John intends to educate his low-end customers by offering many good-valued mid-end packages.

C&O currently carries the following brands:

Onix, Sine (cable and accessories from Hong Kong, including cryo-treated WBT products), R-Tec karaoke (designed by Rotel), Wharfedale speakers, Denon AV products, Indiana speakers, AKG mic /headphone, Liberty AV cables, Infocus projector, Optoma projector, The Screenwork screen, Philips LCD/plasma.

C&O plans to open a branch in KL this year, do watch out for it!

Business Hours:
Mon-Sun 11:00am – 11:00pm
John Sin (Manager) – 012-5269313

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