alan tam, the godfather of hong kong cantopop, is going to re-record his best-selling and legendary 1984 album "the origin of love" [愛的根源], complete with orchestra and chinese instrumentation and the title of this new album is a pompous "the best sound ever reborn".

"the origin of love" is without doubt the single most successful and influential album of its time, spawning many memorable hits and breaking into charts and winning countless awards for alan tam.

certainly a good news to younger audiophiles but to purist like me, why not leave a classic as it is and leave the perfect memories intact? besides alam tam today is not alan tam of 1984, especially his aged vocal chord. look at how disastrous air supply's audiophile album is (see under music review).

i have mixed feelings....


Canto-pop fanatics said...

Found out your blog from a free magazine pick up at One-Utama Tower records.

What a great news of this Alan Tam great album to be recorded in audiophile manner!!! Will it be in LP as well?

I think this is be wonderful as the original singer able to re-record his album in audiophile style. Last few years I have seen and bought CDs of some unknown singer releasing hundreds of album in audiophile style and mostly singing those Canto-pop of the mid 70s to mid 80s. Sadly all of these CDs are without soul, audiophile recording yes.

So I hope to see more living canto legend like George Lam, Micheal Kwan, Jenny, Lisa Wong, Paula Tsui or best the HK God of Song can also do the same while they still alive.

music lover said...

Alan is a has been
He should concentrate on being a good mentor to a younger singer instead...that way we will always remember him as he was0

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

welcome to this growing community, fanatics.

yes, i bet this album will be released in LP format. have you heard of miriam yeung's "meridian" (read my review)?

also, i will be reviewing the teddy robin's audiophile cd next, do watch out.

music lover,
can't agree with you more ;-) same goes to sam hui.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you can review this album when it comes out.