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often times, when a good product lands on the hands of a dealer who doesn't know how to promote it, the result is wasted opportunity. take for example, if you know a product only sounds good when partnered with powerful solid-state amplication, you don't match it with a 30-watter tube integrated amp and try to fool the consumers. gone are the days when consumers rely solely on WHAT*HI-FI and stereophile reviews, there are so many resources on the net where user groups congregate and share their experiences.

such is the case with ATC speakers, the billy woodman's creation which still has a loyal following in this part of the world. ATC hasn't really disappeared from the malaysian market, it is just that its previous dealer didn't really know how to position them in the market.

why brood over history? hi-way laser, the new ATC dealer, is going to start a fresh new chapter with a new attitude and new marketing approach. for one, these people are passionate people and they understand hifi. second, they assure customers that the prices of ATC are going to be competitive with the UK pound.

kenny sin, the boss at hi-way, is one of the most internet savvy dealers around and he constantly updates his website with new products (http://www.hiwaylaser.com/). not only that, kenny does his own web design for his website. how do you beat that?

dealer with such passion and sincerity is indeed a rare breed.

ken, my ATC friend, is gonna be elated to hear this.

11A, JALAN SS2/75,
+6019.281.3399 (kenny sin)


babahara said...

ATC is uttered in the same breath as Maradonna,M.Ali,Pele In another word, Legendary

But somehow because of their low sensitivity and low impedence load ,despite being British,they seems to favour American Loud amps to polite British Intergrated..

I guess It is a matter of opposite attract;}

Din said...

I always like Hi-way laser.

They always seems to know how to sell hi-fi .I am so glad they have taken over the dealership for ATC.

I have a soft spot for ATC.My ex-GF"s Father{in UK}used to hace one of those midsize ATC floorstander being driven by Bryston4bst.Glorious,glorius sound.

I ended up spending more time with the dad than the GF..Come to think of it, maybe that was why we split!!!

Chiam said...

What Is it about ATC that we love so much huh?
Low sensity vity,Plain jane look..

It has to be tyhe midrange isn't in .To me they produces the best midrange that money can buy.

anything better can only be heard in heaven...Will be visiting Hi-way laser soon..

liong said...

Why dont you ask your friend Ken

To give his advise about his experience with ATC..The Dos and the donts .

Why ,is he that shy ah?

ken said...

Not shy, just too busy at times. You wouldn't believe my workload sometimes.

Good to know that Hi Way Laser is the official distributor of ATC products now. Maybe I'll drop by sometimes when I am free.

The first comment I always get from anyone who have seen my ATC is...."it's ugly". Sigh!!!
The second thing that ATC is famous or should I say infamous is that you have to match them with plentiful of quality watts. I am mating my ATC SCM100 with the Rowland 8 which is rated at 250 watts.
With this "reputation", you would think that ATC has everything against it. That's what I thought until I heard the speaker sings. Then all bad things you usually associate with ATC disappear instantly. I have seen friends went silent, mouth agape, stunned looks you name it.

The reason for this is the mid-range. It is just well produced, very 3D and should I say voluptous. You can hear not only the pronounciation clearly but you can hear the breath and also the "throaty" quality of the voice. Singers like Cai Qin, Teresa Teng sounds seductive. I have found that speakers that can handle the important mids well will also sound great with piano, which the ATC does very well. But the next great thing about ATC is the versatility. It can handle wide dynamic swings with ease. Classical music from RR cds are handle with aplomb. You should listen to Hugh Masekela singing on the Stimela track (can be found on his Hope cd or the Burmester cd). The choo choo train just sound so real.

But remember that you have to listen to ATC at certain volume levels to make it come alive. I don't mean that you have to play them loud, just that you won't fancy it at ridiculously low volume.

jonathan said...


ATC is actually quite big in the US.It is almost like a cult there ,people who uses ATC rarely move to other speakers ,no matter how "unattractive' they look.

Anyway I have heard the ATC being driven by tube amps..ATMA-SHERE monoblocks to be precise.

The Source was a Linn Sondek TT.To me it was better than live music.Of corse the amps has so many tubes that I don't even bother.

But the thing is Whenever He listened to the set-up my friend look so intoxicated.He said he has been to heaven.i believe him.

julian said...

Hey Maggie,
Your friend seems to know his stuff.Write with style too...

I think he should contribute more.

Follow my principle"Hi-Fi" first ..Everything else second!!!Life would be so much better,Ken

ken said...

I wish I could put hifi first, everything second. Without my job, I would not be able to afford the hifi.

Jim said...

Hi Ken,

Got a similar speaker as yours but I use a Bryston 4B SST amp to drive it..

It was recommended to me by the dealer in UK ,and he actually had to take me to the back room ,because the Bryston was sold by their competitor..

the problem with ATC though is once you settle in, you rarely upgrade...too happy enjoying the music.

BTW Ken,good taste in music...

Josh said...

Here is my take on british classic speakers..

best monitor :Harbdoeeth

Best Midrange:ATC

best Kick-ass bass:PMC

best allrounder:Spendor

And the funnything is only spendor seems to be OK with British made amps.All the rest seems to love their cousins across the atlantic for amplifications{especially Canadian-made Bryston},I could never figure out why ;}

wil said...

Jeff Rowland amp is so gorgeous Looking,breathlessly beutiful and ATC well ,to be polite,need to put a lot of make-up...

but they seems to be happy together ,huh?

ken said...

Thanks Jim.

Just wondering what source, preamp and cables do you use.

I am using the Meridian 508.24, ARC LS5II with AQ cables.

jim said...

Thanks Ken for your interest in my system.
Here There are:
Digital:Moon Eclipse.

I use Acoustic Zen Silver ref ICs and RGPC for the conditioners,I have 1 RG for both CD and preamp and a separate one for Powewr amp.

i also tweak a lot!!!
I put 1 shakti stone each on my CD and preamp and all my CDs are treated with Walker Audio Ultravivid and Talisman...

I use Finite Elemente Spider for my racks

You system sound like they are very well matched!!!


Anonymous said...

Lots of ARC enthusiasts, so take note..;-)


jim said...

One more thing,
My power chords are Acoustic Zen Gargantua 2 ,I use them throughtout my system.Got them fr A"gon

ken said...

You tweak a lot? So do I!!!

I used a lot of the Shun Mook stuff. I didn't believe in it until I tried it. After that I could not get enough of the stuff.

My system can be viewed at

There have been some changes since the pics have been taken. I have moved house. As I mentioned the cd player is Meridian. The i/c from cd to pre is AQ Amazon.

Hi-Way Laser said...

Hi ken, 1 day should visit your system if can, hv never heard the ATC SCM 100, wonder how it sound like with Rowland amplifier. Cheers!

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

on the contrary, one of my very high-end audiophile kaki got his wife thru the blessing of his father-in-law because his father-in-law is also a hardcore audiophile!

didn't i say ken is a "dormant" hifi guru? ;-)

Ruhayat said...

Question: anyone know which ATC would be considered a real upgrade to Dynaudio Audience 52? I'm thinking of upgrading, but it has to give an appreciable gap from the Dyns.

I suppose the ATC model to go for would also be limited by the amp? I have the Densen DM-10, 100wpc. I am familiar with the previous ATC range (SCM-7 and SCM-12), but they've introduced a new range, right?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi ruhayat,

if you want the real deal, go for the SCM20 and above. i was told that's the REAL ATC ;-)

anyway, call kenny at hi-way. he will be willing to let you audition.

good luck!