I am sure some of you may have read, or at least are aware of the inspirational book, Dare to fail! Some day, I might just write a book too. Probably tittled Dare to dream. Yes that's it!

All I can say is, one must "dare to dream", because, sometimes they might just come true! I've had a few experiences in my audiophile life, some dreams may take longer to materialize than others, but eventually I got what I dream of. Here are the examples.

a) When I was a nappy wearing green horn high end audio aspirant, my dream was to have a pair of Pass Lab Aleph mono blocks. Thanks to my very good friend, Felix whom help me to secure the pair that I have now. Thanks again man.

b) When I was dreaming of the Marantz CD7, I wanted it so badly, I even prayed for one to appear on the local hifi classifieds(by then all 750 units made were already snapped up world wide, you could only get em "pre owned" and hopefully un abused). 3 years later, my prayers were answered! Thank god.

c) After hearing the Audioquest Sky interconnects at Hifikaki's place, I marveled at the level sound quality it could help a system achieve. I secretly wished for a pair too. 2 months later, a colleague helped me with the transaction and I have the Sky in my hands. Thanks to my esteemed and extremely helpful colleague(and he certainly knows whom he is).

d) I reviewed the Torus Power RM8A PLC a few weeks ago, see my post tittled Power Struggle? Torus Power RM8A, dated 14th March. I was totally floored by the Torus Power's ability to bring out the music's emotional nuances, so essential for my enjoyment. I didn't think I could afford it at that time. However, for the last 6 weeks or so, my friends have been betting, if I could hold off my lust for it. I am sorry guys, if you really believe I could go on without the Torus Power, you've lost your $$$. Ha!Ha!

Truth is, the last 6 weeks have sort of been a cooling off period for me, but the magic of the Torus Power proved too strong to resist. I surrendered to my audiophile lust and my musical dreams. Thanks to all whom have help me to procure the Torus Power.(and I am very sure you all know whom you are too!)

I am so very grateful to all my friends(and certainly the al' mighty and all powerfull one too!) whom have help me over the years to make my audiophile dreams come true.

Go on, have a dream, and may your dreams come true!

God Bless.


llim said...

hey Panzer,

I think your hi-fi feng shui is good..maybe can share your secret?

wkyeo said...


I think it must be your good heart,and good deeds that you have done in the past

Damn,If only I could afford those Soulution monoblocs......

Panzer said...


You guys are fast!


No fung shui secret(I just practice those that are logical and practical in life),it's just work hard, but make sure you play harder! That's all.


I don't know if it's anything I have done now or the past. But as you can see, I certainly have many helpful friends. Friends are very important for one's well being.

tj said...


Can I be friends with your friends too?

steven tan said...

hifikaki, can you bear a little?

apew said...

i think you should have an open house so that your readers can come over and listen.

Felix said...


I am elated for you my friend!

Always happy to see my friends' dream come true...

Mine was made possible by James of Audio Visual Designs....and our little "group buy"...hahaha...

Yippee Ka Yay indeed!

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

if you want to talk about chasing dreams, i can give you a lecture on it!

good that your audiophile moolah ranks just behind hifikaki and way above mine! for 2009, i have frozen all my expenditure on hifi ;-)

unless something groundbreaking comes along....

hifikaki said...


Congratulations on your latest catch! It is a very fine acquisition indeed.


With the Torus, Panzer's hifi moolah spending is way above mine already. :-)

Steven Tan,

I am very tempted by the Torus too. But I am not ready to commit at the moment, one is the financial outlay, the other is the revamp I'd need in all my existing powercords. :-)

Steven Tan said...

Panzer, your Torus might be using UK plug. Many of my friends say that American plug sounds better than UK plug. I think you should change to American plug.

Anonymous said...

Panzer, congrats. now can action action lah.:) Seriously, congrats and good on you. must visit again to listen to audio nirvana.

Panzer said...

Steven Tan,

Yes, I know the Torus uses our 13 amps rated British outputs. I have made the neccesary changes now. Please see my next posting, titled "Sweeter the second time round" for more info.

Anonymous 4.34pm,

Thanks for the kind words.