The always immaculately stylish "Sifu"!

One of my favourite audio gurus, Ken Ishiwata is celebrating his 30th Anniversary working with Marantz. To commemorate this event, Marantz will launch the SA-KI Pearl SACD player and PM-KI Pearl amplifier combo. The British audio press has leaked that these special products are due to be launched by end of this month!

There are only 500 pairs of these interesting one off products on offer world wide, and they will be truly special indeed, especially to Marantz fans and collectors worldwide. I bet the Europeans are already lining up in front of Marantz showrooms by now to snap up the units.

The "Black Pearl" finishing is special to touch. The internals of these babies are going to look and will probably sound great!

Technical specs are sketchy at this stage other than what is let known on Marantz European website at

Will we get to see this special pair in the metal at the Woo Kee Hong room during our July KLIAV show?

Would you like collect a pair?

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