there comes a time where even the hardest working audiophile needs to take a rest, to take stock of the present and evaluate the future or just simply indulge in his work of labor.

the past 2 months have been so blissful as far as music is concerned for me. no more analyzing, no more paranoia, no more neurosis... just pure musical enjoyment.

i gather that i have come this far in my audio journey and it is time to reap what i sowed and put hifi aside for pure enjoyment of music.

this stage also marks an important chapter in my life because i am starting my own indie label (in addition to my existing audiophile music label, musictoxin). together with my partner, we have built a mini workstation-cum-studio in my house. we spent a couple of thousand dollars to refurbish one of the rooms (which i used for my AV last time) and made it into a cozy and intimate little cave for studio and live performances. yes, you hear it right, i plan to do unplugged mini concerts in my house for special occasions like press conferences, listening parties and general sharing of new songs composed by my partner.

as you can see in the pix, it is really a nice and cosy place to do music. we have a complete facility to record demos, perform MIDI programming and do mixing. we have a kawai piano and a norman acoustic guitar for live performances. the AKG microphone used is quite high quality but it can't beat the stage III interconnect that it is hooked to it! talking about indulgence!

i have also come to realize, as much as hifi (as a hobby) being immensely satisfying, it can't beat the joy and pure ecstacy of making music. hifi, to me, is just a conduit to music, a bridge, an enabler but it can never replace music.

hifi is to serve music not vice versa. the ultimate reason for hifi to exist is still, music.

thanks goodness, i have panzer and hifikaki to keep you interested on all things hifi in this blog while i am taking a short break.


hw yap said...

for me it is the other way around;
i enjoy music because of the hi-fi.

most of the musics i listen to still come from the golden era of 60s and 70s; still mainly on vinyl using tube amps.

nowadays;musicians and musics just sound so much alike,real piano replaced by synthesizer even the composers even sound alike

kim said...

I do not listen to music except on my hi-fi set.

It makes more sense to me.which one is more important? it is like chicken and egg situation.

both hi fi kaki and Panzer are doing a super job IMO

jess said...

no Apple computer?

That would be the most useful tool for home studio

Panzer said...

Congrats! ML,

The home studio looks great!Your talent partner looks even better too! I am very sure she would sell, sell, sell!

But don't take too long a break from hifi, I am sure the readers get tired of me and hifikaki too! Also, some hifi dealers are already asking where are you???

Don't forget, the you are the starter and guiding light of this wonderful blog.

hifikaki said...

We all look forward to hear more great music from your endeavours!

Anonymous said...

Dear ML,
I think your hifi journey has come to an end and for sure you will not embark on the journey again. Enjoy your music.

Anonymous said...

Well.... music is made for people to listen to and hi-fi is the way to do it. So I guess, music actually has to serve hi-fi. But whatever it is, happy that you have found something other than your maggies to love.

Anonymous said...

Aha, it is high time you settle down and start a new chapter in your life. Hope all turns out well. Congrats on your forming of the new partnership and Indie label.

ROY的世界,有悲,有喜! said...

erm this room i saw from yu heng facebook before if i not forget..
???r this yu heng working room?