How can any hifi buff miss this place?

Folks, our good ol' familiar hifi store, or as CMY likes to call it "The Naim Centre", managed by the ever helpful Chan in Damansara Up Town, Petaling Jaya, has just got a make over!

The store front display.

The make over is done to accommodate some new range of products recently secured by CMY, namely, Dynaudio speakers, Acoustic System Resonators(our friend CK would be thrilled!) and the in coming Jeff Rowland Design Group electronics. Yummy, Yummy, indeed!

The very affordable quality QED cables and power accessories corner.

Eye fi candy store! Audio equipment display galore.

CMY has always been regarded by many as a hifi supermarket of sorts because they carry a wide range of hifi and AV brands to suit every needs, aspirations and budget. Amongst their brands excluding the 2 mentioned above are Goldring, QED, Siltech, PrimaLuna, Brightstar Audio, Rel Acoustics, RGPC, Naim, Primare, Copland, Usher, Audio Pro, Blue Horizon, Proac, Boston Acoustics Horizon, Denon and Onkyo. I hope I didn't leave brands any out.

CMY also sells various accessories like the Milty Static gun, WBT connector parts, nickel coated RCA caps(these are really good stuff, if you've not tried), Cardas RCA caps, various tubes and an extended range of audiophile CDs, especially from the Naim label.

Primare CDP & integrated amp powering Proac Response D28. Note PrimaLuna tube CDP and integrated amp. RGPC power line conditioner and Siltech power cords in the back ground.

As you walk in to the familiar part of the store greets you with some entry level demo systems followed by rows of AV and hifi equipment on display shelf. Really makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!

More equipment display, spot the lone Goldring turntable?

Then there are the big Usher speakers in the familiar demo room with the full range of Usher electronics. This room also doubles as an AV demo area with projector screens and cinema theme decor adorning it's walls.

The flagship Usher Beryllium and electronics. AV demoed here too!

Siltech corner in dedicated glass display. You'll need assistance to get a feel of their superb quality.

Boston Acoustics for quality table radio fans. Chan did not serve me the wine? I should've asked.

However, once past the cashier counter looking at your left, you'll find the Siltech corner by the side of the Boston Acoustic Horizon Solo display shelves. As you walk thru the walk way, You'll be greeted by the full range of Dynaudio speakers, accompanied by Naim, Usher and the soon to arrive JRDG electronics. This new area, just completed recently and fitted with soft lighting with light ceiling deflector treatment also has Acoustic System Resonators and other tweaks fitted to improve the room acoustics.

More Ushers on static display.

The ceiling treatment. Nice and effective!
Acoustic System Resonator and other range of room tune tweak applied in this area.

The full line of Dynaudio Confidence on display, awaiting their Jeff Rowland mates.

Dynaudio 30th Aniversary Saphire speakers(inner pair in special Rose wood finish), and Naim electronics with RGPC PLC.

I was listening to the demo system consisting of Naim CDX2 CDP, Naim pre-power combo with their dedicated Hi Cap/Flat Cap power supply boxes in tow, powering a pair of smallish Dynaudio C1 Confidence on dedicated stands. This system rocks surprisingly hard. We were spinning some Queen music and the track, Another one bites the dust, really nailed me to the wall, with its big, bold tuneful bass whilst maintaining the tracks simplistic clarity and drive so wonderfully coherent!

The rocking system! Note how small the Dyanaudio Confidence C1 is, compared to the giant Naim DBL speakers(outer pair). But sound is certainly big and confident. You're looking at a RM$100k or so worth of equipment here!(excluding the Naim speakers)

I love the way the Naim rack complements the look of their electronics.

RGPC with UK style 13 amps rated outlets, especially just for Naim systems.

Bespoke British style 13 amps rated plugs designed by Naim for Naim equipment!

I then went on to audition the "new" Usher Tiny Dancer speakers powered by Usher electronics and Copland CD823 CDP. The sound was warm and very forgiving in nature. It made for very easy listening. It did not do the Queen or rock music particularly well, but I am sure many will like it's easy listening nature. Having said that, the speakers are new as they just arrived and have not broken in yet. So there's certainly much room for more performance.

If only this sexy "tiny?" Dancer can dance in to my audio cave. Just makes me wanna caress the dancer!

I spent half a Saturday there with some of my hifi buddies, and we all had a great time there, until we all got a little hungry and went on to feast our selves with some of the most sumptuous tasting nasi lemak in KL, just a few blocks away! Excellent hifi, glorious music, great company of like minded fellas and sumptuous food, it was a lovely day out in CMY Damansara Uptown!

And finally, congrats to CMY Audio & Visual for securing some of the most successful brands in the hifi business!


GCK said...

Hi Panzer, you bet I am thrilled. I will go and pay CMY a visit soon. Do you know if they bring in the cables by Acoustic Systems Int. as well?

LazerJuan said...

Has anybody auditioned the Usher Be-718 ? Need some feedback please. Thanks in advance.

cc loh said...

Congrats to CMY for taking the proactive measures and recognizing the trend in Hi-fi.

Hope others would follow suit.

And certainly hope the salesmen are educated many young ignorant peop[le manning the floor in the past without supervision

Anonymous said...

Love the mini dancer. Anyone know how much they are?

Panzer said...


I am not sure if CMY has the cables by Acoustic Systems int. I am sure they can order for you if you really want it!


I am sorry, I was too excited about the Dynaudios and the Usher Tiny Dancer to noticed the Be-718. Why don't you go to CMY to hear it for yourself? I am sure Chan will serve you well.


I don't go to CMY much, but have bought stuffs from Chan in Damasara Uptown and Dicky of Sunway Piramid branch before(that was even before I did my sriblings here on this blog). Both are very fine hifi sales person. If you go to CMY Sungei Wang and meet with the boss John, I am sure he won't let you down either.

Anonymous 10.20am,

There are 2 Tiny Dancers in the Usher range, the one in the photo is the bigger and (to my eyes) the prettier sister. That retail for RM$17K. The smaller Tiny Dancer sister retails for RM13K I think. Best you go to CMY to find out and audition for yourself.

GCK said...

Panzer, not ordering yet but maybe comparing prices for a start. I heard the resonators cost much more than what I paid for....

Anonymous said...

sad to say having nice showroom is only part of sales equation.

Was in the market for new speakers couple months back. CMY Utama branch was first place I went to cos liked the ProAC sound.

Asked for a home demo and manager said no problem.

A month later no follow up.

Dealers perogative to carry home demo but if no intention then say so.

In the end bought another speaker, also british make, price around that of the D38 cos the dealer did a home demo.

Bought milty gun which doesnt seem to work after less than 20 shots.......hmmmmmm

Panzer said...

Anonymous 11.46am,

I am sorry to hear about your experience with CMY. Hopefully, they are reading this and can improve upon their services, or should I say client relations.

Thanks for your feed back.

Iregardless, I am glad you managed to find your hifi purchase satisfactory from another dealer, and enjoying music.