This was happening in my room last night. Cool!

I thought I'd take a break from hifi last night. I also wondered if, after all my hifi improvements, does my system, just ticks all the right audiophile boxes? or does it still have the pizzas to rock?

One of my all time favorite bands, Queen is always a good test! So I sat down and put in the Queen Greatest Hits CD in to my Marantz CD7 player. I have bought this CD 20 years ago and have listened to it more than a millionth times by now. I know all the songs by heart.

Queen Greatest Hits CD.

But last night, something magical took place, I was transported back in to the studios when the songs were recorded, for the very first time in a few years, no leap of faith was required. I finished the CD in no time, I reach for Queen Greatest Hits II, plonk it in to the CDP press play, and returned to the studio with Queen.

Queen Greatest Hits II.

The older Greatest Hits was more convincing in the illusion, despite the louder tape hiss! The rather cleaner sounding Greatest Hits II was clearer and had more definition, i.e. more hiss free, but proved just as fun. In the end the music took over, I played at near concert loud levels! yet my system never sounded noisy, staging and imaging was stable and it was never strained. Many a times when a system is pushed to the limits, harshness, staging and imaging disintegration sets in.

By the end of 2 hours, I was pretty tired, not from listening to music, but participating in music. Like I said, I knew all these songs by heart. I sang along side Freddie Mercury, played air guitar with Brian May, plucked bass lines with John Deacon , and jammed drums with Roger Taylor! I did a four things in rotation, as and when, what came naturally. No wonder I was tired.

It is rare days like this, when all the effort, money and time spent on improving the hifi pays off handsomely. For 2 hours, I was transported in to a musical event, and away from reality.

Bottom line is "My system still rocks!" and that, is a good feeling.

Now if only they were more days like this? Perhaps I am just in a good mood as weekend comes around again.


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

panzer, did you clap your hands unconsciously? to me, that was the ultimate testimony of how good your hifi is in satisfying the owner...

congrats, i must listen to your system "when i have the time" :-)

Felix said...

Wow...Beam me up Scotty! I want to be transported too!

Panzer, I am so happy to read yr write up. I wish you many more "good mood" days to come!

Anonymous said...

You have obviously struck a good balance between hifi and good-old music. That is wonderful. I hope to be able to settle into that territory and less skewed to hifi. Soon I hope !

ah kor

hafiz said...

you make me want to listen to those albums too this weekend[got mine abt 10 yrs ago]

havent listen to much classic rocks since came home to malaysia.....

km ng said...


You are my man!

Yeah, play more rock rather than the paralysis inducing, coma pandemic audiophile stuff.

Like they say, give me rock or give me...

...a transistor radio!

yu said...

Hey Panzer,

you makes me want to have some fun too;)

I'll take out the Queen'Cds;and Springsteen,ELO,Meatloaf and the outfields......wonder whether i still can fit in those jeans......

Panzer said...

Thanks guys,

Yeah sometimes, just need to let my hair down a bit! But good fun.

km ng said...


Many reviewers unfortunately don't use rock music to evaluate systems or components, for whatever reason.

I think rock music brings out, positively or negatively, certain traits in a system or component which other type of music may not able to do so.

What do you do if you review a large speaker or powerful amp but it doesn't get a hard on or turns in a jelly mess when you spin some rock music through it?

When Metallica becomes Pussylica?

Panzer said...


"Metalica turns Pussylica" That's a classic my friend!

I've always been in to rock music. That's why, from time to time, I need to check if my system can still rock?

To get the audiophile atributes from a system right is not easy, but to get it right and be able to rock, now that's another dimension all together!

That's why I felt the event of being transported with Queen was one I had to blog about.

As I said, if only there were more days like these.