Torus Power RM8A sitting nicely on it's own equipment rack amongst the Audio Physic speakers and Pass Lab Aleph 0 mono blocks.

As you already know about my purchase of the Torus Power RM8A review sample, here's a follow up of what I did to integrate it in to the rest of my system, replacing the once faithful Isotek Sigmas in the PLC duties.

Since the Torus Power RM8A only came with 5, 13 amps rated British outlets, whilst I really need 6 for my system to work, I had to do something about it. I chanced upon a Wireworld Electrifier power strip recently and got that too. So here is how all the power re-management resulted.

From the left: Input from wall followed by 2 outputs to the Pass Aleph 0 monblocks and the last one on the right goes to Wireworld Electrifier power strip(see below).

I feed the Torus Power from the wall, as usual with my big red JPS Inwall terminated with 13 amp rated Britsh Duraplug at the wall, and Furutech FI11CU(what else?) on the IEC side of the equipment. I then used 3 of the Torus Power's output with more big red JPS Inwall, of 2 which are terminated with Duraplugs on the male end and Furutech FI11CU(copper) on the IEC end, that powers my Pass Lab Aleph 0 mono blocks. Another big red JPS Inwall similarly terminated on the male side as the other 2 mention earlier, then used Furutech FI11AG(silver) on the IEC end connecting to the Wireworld Electrifier power strip.

From left: Input from Torus Power(side entry), followed by AOR Reference 003(to CDP), PS Audio Plus(to Pass X2.5), then another AOR Ref 003(to DIY phono stage), lastly Rega stock power cord. On extreme right used with convertor is for a reading light!

From the Wireworld power strip, which splits to 6 American style outputs that powers all my front end sources and pre amps, like the Marantz CD7, Pass Lab X2.5 pre amp, Rega P25 turn table and a Pass Lab ONO clone DIY phono stage. I had to re-terminate all previous 13 amps rated British plugs on the male side of all these cables, namely, the 2 pcs of AOR Reference 003(for the CDP and phono stage) and the Rega stock power cord[using Furutech FI11MG(gold) for both the AOR Reference 003 and Furutech FI11MCU for the Rega stock power cord]. The standard PS Audio Plus power cord already equipped with American style male plug was left alone. All re-terminated plugs are once again checked for polarity.

The Torus sitting own it's own lill' stool!

With all the re-management of power cords and the Torus Power RM8A sit on top it's own equipment rack, I powered up the system. No un-toward incident happened so far, which is a good thing. The first thing that hit me was how silent my system had become! Totally free from hiss and all other minute noise irritants, when ears are put right next to the tweeters of my speakers(with no music playing, and pre amp volume cranked up to my usual playing level). That's a real bonus. The moment music started playing, I immediately marvelled at the musical tonal colours palette all flushed out by the new power management. Also improved were the areas of image focus, mid range density and stage depth perception. Whilst I previously mentioned(during the Power Struggle review of the Torus Power RM8A), that it's strength was micro rather that macro dynamics. I am happy to report that while micro dynamics remained it's strong point, with proper connections(i.e, all the male American style and IEC Furutech plugs)macro dynamics gained some prominence too. However, I must stress that the Pure Power AP2000 is still king in that respect!

Also noted that the previously slightly splashy highs, are now presented in a very tidy, organic fashion, with plenty of air and extension smoothness to boot. The bass is now more gutsy and seem to go lower in extension. Note to note bass play are at once bouncy, clearly audible and yet tune full.

The front end: Marantz CD7, Pass Lab X2.5 pre amp, Rega P25 and Pass ONO cloned DIY phono stage.

In short, I love the way my system sounds now!

James of AV Designs called up to check on me, and ask "So, how does the second time(with the Torus Power) taste?" I replied happily, "Sweeter the second time round man! That much sweeter!"


Anonymous said...

You should not be using JPS InWall to power your Alephs instead get another power strip and use what you were using before (Cardas?) for the Alephs. Its the cable that actually connects to the component that's most important.
I do not know anything about the AOR but if thats your best cable it would probably do better powering the pre rather than the phono stage.

Panzer said...

Anonymous 12.15pm,

Thanks for your kind suggestions. I feel the JPS Inwall still have a role somewhat in my system for now. There will come a day that they'll be replaced I sure.

I used to have Cardas Hexlink powering my Pass pre amp. But it's gone to a friend now, that I have settled on to the PS Audio Plus.

I've been trying a few things along the lines of your suggestion, which you'll read about very soon.

I am in the midst of working out a road map to better sound. Like all things in hifi, things are always evolving, so am I.

hifikaki said...


Hope you don't mind me giving you another suggetion since you are trying out your powercord config. :-)

You have 2 outlets unused on the Torus, seems a waste to me, hehe. May I suggest that you get a couple long enough pc (even some 'chicken' ones from computer etc, just to test :-) ), and connect a couple more components directly to the Torus, just to see?

tb ooi said...

agree with hifikaki suggestion.

sound like a great idea

Panzer said...

Hifikaki,tb ooi,

Tried your sugesstion earlier, believe me that was the first thing that came to my mind! The most direct is the best right? In theory at least, however in practical hifi, it's not so clear cut.

But after extensive listening and comparing, I know I've done the right thing.